Sylvania Battery Powered LED Under-Cabinet Light Review

Under-cabinet LED light shining on kitchen counter
Under-cabinet lights add elegance and task lighting to your kitchen

When adding the finishing touches to my kitchen, I really wanted under-cabinet lighting; but running new wiring with the 60-year-old electrical system in my house would have been a bigger project than I cared to tackle. Thankfully, the Sylvania LED Golden Dragon Puck Lights saved the day.

Sylvania LED under-cabinet puck light

The name may be a handful, but these little lights are so easy to install and use that you’ll be enjoying them before you can say, “Now what were they called again?”

Sylvania LED puck lights are battery-powered, with a high-efficiency LED light. Thanks to a built-in motion sensor, you can switch them to high, low, and off with a wave of your hand. If you forget and leave them on, the lights will turn themselves off after an hour. They require three AA batteries, and at my house, the batteries lasted about a year.

Installation is a breeze, you simply peel-and-stick a self-adhesive magnet underneath your cabinet. The puck light then pops right onto the magnet and is ready to shine its classy little spotlight on your favorite pottery or plant.

Attaching Sylvania LED light to cabinet

I was absolutely amazed at the effect under-cabinet lights had for adding a touch of elegance to my kitchen. These lights are bright enough to help with tasks, but they also work great as accent lights. And boy, can I ever think of some places to put them!

Sylvania LED under-cabinet light with 3 AA batteriesSylvania LED puck lights would be great for:

  • Spotlighting a favorite memento on a bookshelf.
  • Lighting up a dark corner of a pantry or closet.
  • Shedding a little light in a dark shed or storage building.
  • Providing task light in a jewelry armoire or dressing room.

At less than $12 each, these lights offer a lot of bang for the buck!

Further Information

  • More information on Sylvania Golden Dragon lights can be found at the Sylvania website.
  • Sylvania Golden Dragon LED lights can be purchased online at as well as at other retailers and online stores.
  • A tap-on version of the Sylvania puck light is available for under $7 online at The Home Depot.


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