Protect Your Home and Family During a Power Outage with a Generac Home Standby Generator

Generac Guardian Series

There’s no question that power outages are inconvenient. When caused by severe weather, however, they can be downright dangerous. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, wind storms, blizzards and freezing rain can knock out power for days, and even weeks. Additionally, over half of the nearly 4000 power outages across the US in 2010 were the result of severe weather.

More and more homeowners are investing in standby generator systems to protect their homes and families when the power goes out. A standby generator from Generac Power Systems—the market leader in residential standby power—starts up automatically when it detects an outage. The system’s automatic transfer switch safely disconnects the utility power line while simultaneously connecting a new power line from the generator, restoring power within seconds. The generator continuously supplies this backup power until electrical power returns, when the transfer switch puts the generator back into standby mode and reconnects utility power.

“Homeowners really value the peace of mind that a standby generator provides,” says Laura Derpinghaus, director of marketing, Generac, “especially as our power grid gets older and more fragile. It’s very easy these days for storms to snap power lines. As a result, many homeowners consider standby power to be as necessary as central air conditioning.”

Generac introduced the market’s first automatic home standby system in 1989. The company’s popular residential models range in size from 7 to 150 kilowatts, and can provide essential circuit or whole house coverage for many homes. In fact, Generac’s air-cooled Guardian® Series is the #1 selling home standby generator in the U.S. Generac’s larger liquid-cooled products are ideal for large or custom homes. Regardless of model, all units run on the home’s existing natural gas or LP fuel supply, so they can function for as long as necessary—even for weeks at a time.

“Home standby generators also increase home values,” Derpinghaus says. “Homeowners can invest in one now and have immediate access to a reliable backup power supply. Later, they can recoup their investment when they sell their home.”

Generac Core Power House

Many homeowners prefer installing Generac home standby generators during new home construction or as part of a remodeling project because the cost of the generator and professional installation can often be included in a home mortgage or refinancing loan. However, home standby generators can be installed at any time; most Generac dealers install them year-round. Because a standby generator is permanently connected to the home’s main power supply, Generac recommends professional installation by one of its authorized dealers. They can choose from the largest dealer network in the industry.

For more information about Generac home standby products, visit, or call 1-888-GENERAC.


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