Most homes need light switches as they are an integral part of the home mechanics and are necessary when controlling electrical devices such as light fixtures and ceiling fans.

If you are eager to introduce intelligent lighting solutions to your home, the goal should be finding a safe, trendy and functional light switch. Smart switches help you to control the lights using voice assistance such as Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, allowing you to set a time of when the lights will go on or off. 


With many companies offering different smart technology lighting solutions, it begs the question, Lutron vs Leviton, which light switch best caters to your needs? Read on to find out more.

Lutron Overview


Although the Lutron story began in the 1950s, in a makeshift lab in New York City, Joel Spira fully established Lutron Electronics in1961. Over the years, Lutron has led in light solution innovations incorporating wired and wireless systems for residential and commercial use. In addition, the world-renown company has helped people across the globe keep their homes comfortable. Headquartered in Coopersburg, PA, the company has established a global presence with offices in Paris, London, Singapore, and more. 

  • Offers reliable smart switches that work with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and more applications.
  • The light switches do not need a neutral wire during installation. 
  • It requires the Lutron hub to control the switches.
  • It has a 75 device limit per hub.

Leviton Overview


Its founder Isdor Leviton immigrated to the United States from Russia and started a tinsmithing business in 1906. The small business produced mantle tips necessary for gas lighting before shifting to manufacturing electrical products. Leviton firm has created diverse electrical and lighting solutions to match the ever-changing industry. The firm has locations in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in Melville, NY.

  • Unlike Lutron, you do not need a Hub to operate the light switches.
  • There is no limit on the number of devices you can connect.
  • It requires neutral wires before installation.
  • It supports three-way switches and is relatively easy to install.

Types of Switches Offered

People use switches to make or break an electronic circuit which could be either manual or automatic. For example, switches could be manual if you have to physically be in the room to activate them or electronic if you can activate them through semiconductors. Below are some of the basic switches and how to pick the best for your needs:

  • One-way electrical switch. The most common switch controls lights, fans, and other items from a single location. 
  • Two-way electrical switch. It is used for industrial purposes, but you can also find it in some home wiring systems. As a result, you can control devices from more than one location.
  • Three-way switches. Most people use these in garages or staircases because you can control the lights from two walls in a room.
  • A four-way switch. It allows you to control electricity from three or more walls. People use them in long hallways or huge rooms. 
  • A smart switch. Manufacturers ensure you can control lights using non-traditional methods such as voice applications such as Siri. You can program these switches to turn lights on and off and any time. 

Lutron vs Leviton Smart Switches

Smart technology home solutions are no longer complicated and expensive as they used to be a few years back. With companies like Lutron and Leviton, you have a chance to transform your home and get the latest lighting solutions. Both brands offer high-quality light switches that you will love having at home. However, there are some differences and similarities that can help you in understanding how each company works.

Smart Switch HUB

A smart hub is software or hardware that connects all the devices in your house on an automation program, thus controlling communication. For example, intelligent switches allow you to fully transfer your standard home lighting into a surreal and seamless experience. You require an intelligent bridge hub to operate, or else it will operate like a regular switch.

The smart bridges give you full control of the lights allowing you to connect to the internet and make changes on the Lutron app. Therefore, you can talk to the lights on certain apps like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Moreover, there smart bridge offers reliable and fast control without affecting your Wi-Fi connection. 
On the other hand, Leviton recently introduced the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Scene Controller Switch. It is a great enhancement that does not require any smart switch hub operation. Moreover, the innovation allows homeowners to personalize the buttons by choosing from the six color choices available.

Smart Switch Voice Control

What makes Leviton vs Lutron battle interesting is the number of changes each company is working towards making improvements and making their devices accessible to their customers. For example, Lutron has three voice-controlled application devices for controlling your lights. You can also activate or deactivate your switches through voice-enabled devices such as iOS. The apps are free, allowing you to customize light control settings.

Smart Switch Reliability 

There are a couple of smart light solutions, but most require professional installation. You can install both Leviton and Lutron switch systems without any technical assistance. It saves time since you can install the switches at your convenience. Since Lutron smart switches use a bridge, you can operate them without an internet connection. However, you need an internet connection during the initial installation and should connect to the internet often to keep the system accurate.

Durability & Warranty

You should consider the warranty that comes along with the product. A warranty allows you to have the company replace the light switch if it malfunctions or gets damaged. Lutron offers a one- to two-year warranty depending on whether you complete the customer care questionnaire. However, Leviton has a five-year warranty on all their smart solutions. 

Price Comparison

Investing in Lutron’s Caséta switches provides you with unique features such as geofencing. Such a feature automatically switches your lights on and off when you enter or leave your house. It also offers dimming capabilities and is compatible with most devices in your home. However, Lutron switches are pricey compared to Leviton ones. Depending on your choice, you could spend between $100 and $1000 to fit your house with smart switches. 

Which Switch is Better for Your Home?

Are you having difficulties figuring out which light switch to select? Lutron vs Leviton battle will always exist, but your choice should be based on your expectations. Look at the specifications and any gadgets you might add to your future home. Even if you have not planned for home upgrades soon, incorporate that before choosing your light switches.

The ease of installation and the setup also plays a critical role in determining which switch works for your home. Luckily, if you are a tech-inclined individual looking forward to a smart integrated home, there are a few limitations for you.

 However, if you need an easy option, look for a switch that does not require too many technical integrations. Finally, the functionality and price are other factors to help you narrow down your selection. 

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