How to Widen a Driveway Bordered by Retaining Walls | Ep. 41

Car parked in a driveway with noticeable damage on the side
What can you do with stone retaining walls on both sides of a narrow driveway? Danny and Joe share their thoughts.

On this Week’s Podcast:

• Widening your driveway? Follow these tips to avoid headaches in the process. 

• Flooding can be catastrophic. Danny and Joe discuss who to connect with if you face this type of disaster.

• Why rebar placement is important when creating a concrete porch. If you’re noticing crumbling concrete at your house, try this!

• Why attaching the head of a scrub brush to a power drill can do wonders.

Question of the Week:

Lisa in South Carolina writes, “I would like to hang holiday decorations on the walls of our front porch. Our house exterior is the CertainTeed vinyl cedar shake siding. The normal vinyl siding clips will not work and we’re trying to find a solution without nails or screws because the holiday decorations are removed seasonally.”

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