Truegrid has been leading the way in permeable paving technology for over 5 years now. Ever since the CEO, Barry Stiles, was inspired by his sons to create a world in which they could thrive and have kids of their own, Truegrid has been dedicated to providing environmentally-friendly paving products that outperform traditional concrete and asphalt.

Truegrid offers a variety of paving products to suit industrial, commercial, and residential paving needs. Their patented permeable paving system works with mother nature to allow water and other liquids to pass directly through parking lots, driveways, and other types of paving, directly into the ground where it’s supposed to. 

Truegrid is an Innovator in Paving

If you’re looking for a guide to permeable paving systems, look no further than Truegrid. The products they offer provide some of the most ingenious driveway solutions, as well as road dust control solutions. The interlocking paver system is incredibly easy to install, cheap, and requires almost zero maintenance once it’s been installed. Their products make it easier than ever to build out a do it yourself driveway.

For commercial business owners looking to eliminate parking lot paving costs, Truegrid pavers are an excellent choice. Not only do they look incredibly clean and professional, they are more durable than concrete and asphalt, which tend to degrade rather quickly under heavy traffic. 

Permeable grass paving is even available, allowing you to turn your entire yard into a hidden driveway that functions as both a yard and a space for your vehicles. Driveway flooding is a common problem for many homeowners, but it’s completely eliminated with a proper Truegrid paving setup. This will save you countless amounts of money and frustration as you come home to a dry, level driveway every day. 

Truegrid is Eco-Friendly

One way in which Truegrid differs from other permeable paving companies is that their products are all sustainably sourced and the entire process from production to installation is eco-friendly. The pavers themselves are made from 100% recycled plastic, and they require no heavy equipment or special machinery to install, other than one heavy vehicle like a truck to compact the gravel into the pavers. Not only this, but they don’t require re-paving and even the transport trucks and the fuel inside them have been chosen for the highest possible level of eco-friendliness.

Permeable Paving Has a New Standard to Strive For

With Truegrid now leading the charge against wasteful, harmful types of impermeable paving, the industry has a new goal-post to aim for. Their emphasis on providing all three levels of construction, from residential to industrial, with permeable paving options that function just as well as concrete or asphalt and are DIY-friendly are all reasons why they are head and shoulders above the rest. 

Truegrid takes every measure available to achieve eco-friendless while still providing products that outperform all competitors in the paving industry. From head to tail, they are one of the most reputable and eco-friendly companies on Earth right now, and you can expect to see their pavers near a residential home, commercial business, or industrial building in your area soon.

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