First impression lasts, they say. And in your house, the first thing people see, and notice is your driveway.


Building a driveway with impressive design and landscape, however, is expensive. Fortunately, there are several cheap ideas that you can use to design your front yard.

Here are a Few 

Gravel Driveway with Brick Stone Boarder


Using loose materials such as gravel stones is one of the cheapest ways to pave your driveway. Simply add brick stones on both sides to make it look classy, just like the example photo above. However, if you are not fond of brick stones, you can replace them with planters or concrete. You can add a complimenting landscape design too to make your driveway look neat and classier.

Grass and Gravel


For a minimalist yet classy and nature-inspired, you can combine gravel stones and grass landscape. The idea is inexpensive and quite versatile in terms of design. You can simply pave one or two separate straight paths of gravel and cover the rest with grass. The landscape is great in villa-like houses or if you want to give your residence an English cottage vibe.

On the other hand, if you find natural grass difficult to maintain, covering the rest of the land with artificial grass is a perfect alternative. Planting trees on the side would also be a great addition. The only drawback about the design is that both materials easily stray on movement. 

Gravel and Crushed Stones


Another budget-friendly way to pave your driveway is through crushed stones and gravel. The design is made by laying down fine gravel which essentially serves as the base. You then add crushed stones on top.

But what’s nice about it is that you can get not just one but three different colors. If, say, you want to incorporate a countryside vibe, you can use stones with dark colors. There are lighter colored stones too if you prefer a suburban California vibe.

Gravel with Edging


If you prefer not only a cheap but also an easy way to pave your front yard, paving it using gravel would be the best idea. Many homeowners prefer loose materials such as gravel. And that is even though loose materials easily stray on movement.

To add a little design, you can incorporate any type of edging. You can place brick-like stones on the side or real bricks. Planters, trees, and grass would be great as well.

Tar and Chip Driveway


Also known as the liquid asphalt and stone design, the tar-and-chip design is a pulverized, more compressed version of asphalt. It has more layers of pressed gravel on the top too. The design is affordable and low maintenance too.

The design is highly recommended to use in longer driveways. It is commonly found in huge suburban homes and rural areas.



Last but not least is cobblestone. Suitable in places with a tropical climate, cobblestone is a high-quality material to use and pave for your driveway. It can withstand water, moisture, and extreme heat. The material is better than concrete and bricks too in terms of durability. It is also low maintenance.

Moreover, cobblestones come in several colors. You can choose white if you prefer a neat-looking and minimalistic driveway. Or red and darker shade cobblestones for some rustic vibe.

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