Cleaning Paddle Ceiling Fan Blades the Easy Way

To make fast work of cleaning the blades on a paddle ceiling fan without the need for a ladder, attach a dryer sheet to a paint roller with rubber bands, then use the roller to remove dust that can accumulate on top of ceiling fan blades.

Watch this video to find out more.

Danny Lipford: Everybody has a ceiling fan and most likely you rarely clean the ceiling fan. And it attracts so much dust, because little bit hard to pull the ladder out and to do all of the cleaning necessary.

This will make it a lot easier. You can use an extension rod like this, a roller frame, a roller pad. And then I’ve attached a dryer sheet on the pad with a couple rubber bands. And this works so well to just rub all of the blades and get that dust off of there. You can get all the spider webs off of it.

It just does a good job, and you never have to worry about breaking out the ladder. And then you can just pull the dryer sheet off and throw it away.


  1. Was looking at the ways to clean the fan blades. How about a swiffer type disposable cloth instead of the dryer sheet, as not everyone (for good reasons) uses them.


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