Ceiling Medallion Can Make a Big Difference in a Room

Painting a ceiling medallion with a chip brush
Painting a ceiling medallion.

One of the things I like best about being a homeowner is that when you want to change something, you just do it! No matter how big the project or how small it is, I still get a joy out of tackling it myself and standing back to admire and enjoy it afterward.

The light fixture in my master bath is lovely. I picked it out with great care to accent the overall look of the room. But after years of looking at it, I realized something was missing! A ceiling medallion!

How had I not noticed this when renovating the house back in 2006??? So, off I went to home improvement store to pick out my new medallion.

Finished ceiling medallion painted and installed on ceiling
Finished ceiling medallion installed.

Wow, there are a lot of choices! There’s a style for every home décor and various sizes depending on the size of your lighting fixture.

All of the ones I had to choose from where already primed white. Since my bathroom trim was deep olive color with a high gloss finish, I decided that that was the look I was going to transfer to my medallion to nicely tie it to the room.

With a chip brush, I painted the medallion with two coats of paint, letting it dry in the sun. Once it was dry, I used construction adhesive and the pressure of the lighting fixture to secure it into place on the ceiling.

I did have to remove the lighting fixture first, of course, but there are some medallions that come in two pieces that you can slide into place to fit around your fixture.

It amazes me how something so simple can literally change the look and feel of the room, and the best part is it didn’t break the bank to do it!


    • Hi, CC,
      Ceiling medallions really don’t change how low the light fixture hangs, so ceiling height isn’t a major concern.
      Consider your style and whether the medallion will blend in with the room’s other elements (crown molding, baseboards, the room’s modern or traditional feel, etc).
      That will help you determine whether placing a medallion in this room is the best decision.
      Good luck!


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