How to Replace a Paddle Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Switch

How can I fix the pull chain on my ceiling fan that broke off inside the switch? -Brad

Hi Brad,

With most pull chain fan switches, you’ll need to replace the switch, though on some models you may be able to reattach the chain. To replace the switch, you will need to know whether it operates the fan or light. If the switch goes to the fan, you will need to know how many speeds the fan has. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Start by turning off the circuit breaker to the fan.
  2. Next, remove the cover on the fan housing or the globe light so you can access the switch, and unscrew the nut on the outside of the switch that holds it on.
  3. Pull the switch out of the housing from the inside, leaving the wires attached.
  4. Examine the switch to see if the chain can be reattached.
  5. If not, carefully note the colors of the wires and the terminal each attaches to (take a picture with a digital camera or cell phone or draw a diagram of the switch).
  6. Detach the wires and take the switch—along with the model and make of the fan—with you to the home center for a replacement. Be sure to match the number of speeds, switch size, and wattage.
  7. To install the new switch if the wires attach directly to the terminals, bend each wire around the corresponding terminal in a clockwise direction, and tighten up the screws.
  8. If the switch has wires that attach using twist-on connectors (commonly called wire nuts), strip 1/2” to 3/4” of insulation from each wire, wrap them together in a clockwise direction, and twist the connector on in a clockwise direction so it is secure and the bare wire is covered.
  9. Insert the switch in the hole in the fan housing from the inside and thread the nut on the outside.
  10. Attach the housing cover or the globe light.
  11. Turn the breaker back on, and test the switch to see if it works.

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  1. Hello; I have a question about replacing a pull chain switch on my ceiling fan to repair the light. The current switch has one red wire & one black wire. I have purchased a new switch,
    but it has 2 black wires, no red. Can I use it anyway ?
    Thank you

    • Hi, Joan,
      We always recommend referring to the manufacturer’s directions that were included with the ceiling fan’s replacement switch. If something doesn’t look right, the safest thing to do is call an electrician for a personal consultation.
      Good luck, and stay ‘cool!’

  2. my fan switch did not work when I open the light cover to remove the fan switch the switch fall apart and I have 4 wires 2 black, 1 purple, 1 red, but my switch has 1 black, 1 brown, 1 purple and 1 gray what go to what ?

    • Hi, Shirley,
      Those are a lot of wires, and without seeing your setup, it wouldn’t be safe to offer further advice.
      Your best bet is to contact an electrician for a visit. He or she can provide the best solution for your home’s needs.
      Good luck, and ‘stay cool!’

    • Hi,
      If your ceiling fan’s light works, but the blades don’t move, you may have a loose connection.
      That requires opening the housing and checking the wiring.
      This isn’t a DIY job for most people, and it’s best to contact an electrician.
      Good luck, and ‘stay cool!’

  3. The light on a new fan with pull chain switches would not turn off so I changed the light switch and now it is almost flashing on and off. It will dim to nothing then come back full on. How do you troubleshoot this? Should I just replace the switch again?

  4. my chain can be reattached but my problem is when took the pull chain cover off, everything came out flying. so i would like to know how the inside was originally was. plz can someone help? i do not need to buy a new one.

  5. My ceiling fan has 3 speeds but is only working on high. Is there a way to repair it, or do I replace the whole fan?. Looks like the fan is about 13 years old.
    Thanks for your help

  6. Replacing the light switch on my ceiling fan. Has 2 wires (Green & Black). New swittch has 3 (blue, red & black) How do I connect the new switch?

  7. I am trying to find how to wire inside the fan and light using pull chains. Please, send me the link.


  8. We cannot get the the cover off the fan housing. The screws have phillips’ heads, but they don’t unscrew. Help!

  9. The chain broke turning on the ceiling fan light it’s attached center below. How should I replace the chain. Please let me know this.

  10. i am replacing a ceiling fan pull chain switch. the old has a black,purple,and grey wire. my replacement stitch has black,red, and blue wire. what is the sequence for reattaching wires?

  11. the pull chain on my ceiling fan broke off inside the pull chain switch. took the switch apart and now don’t know how to put it back together correctly or should I just get a new switch ?

  12. The ceiling fan light switch is connected, and when pulled it comes on. The light switch pulled on, but the chain stays out and doesn’t retract to switch to the second setting. How would I fix this? and would I need to replace the switch?

  13. I have a question about replacing a pull chain switch on my ceiling fan to repair the light. The current switch has one red wire & one black wire. I have purchased a new switch,
    but it has 2 black wires, no red. My wires colors on my fan are 1 white, 1 purple, 1 brown, 1 black, 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 blue, 1 orange plus a 2 wire capacitor. Can I use it anyway ?

  14. When I turn on the wall switch to the ceiling fan it goes “bzzzzzzztt” and the breaker on the basement gets turned off. WHat do I do about that?

  15. I have a ceiling fan with a lighted canopy (nightlight type bulbs)
    The light switch is broken and needs to be replaced. Do I start
    by taking off the light kit? Obviously I will pull the breaker down first 🙂
    I need some advice…
    Thanks, Megan

  16. My ceiling fan has 4 lights on it and 2 separate chains. One for fan and one for lights. The light chain broke off when pulled. The lights are all attached to the hub yet the screw in screw out is in the center of the hub. How do I replace the light chain?

  17. The cord that turns on my ceiling fan (fan) on broke so someone disconnected the ceiling fan wires so only that the light can be used but the fan stays off. How do I go about reconnecting the fan wires, so that both the light and the fan on my ceiling fan work?

  18. Hi, the pull chain came off from my ceiling fan/light. Can I fix back the chain into the knob (for the lights), found on the base of the ceiling fan?

  19. I have a broken blade, can it be replaced or is it totally ruined? Everything else works and I hate to get rid of it any suggestions?

  20. I have Hunter ceiling fan, and it doesn’t work… The light works, but the fan doesn’t. I took the fan down and checked the fan switch. There is current at each of the speeds as I pull the fan cord. When I did a “bench check”, the low speed works, but in medium and high speed there is a buzzing or arcing sound coming from the motor. Is there a fix for this? Please let me know. Thanks!

  21. We have a chain to the light that will not pull to turn the light on. The fan works fine on all speeds. Do I need to take it apart and replace a switch?

  22. When I turn on the ceiling fan, I hear the power turn on but the fan doesn’t move. When I give the blade a nudge, it starts turning and stays on. When I turn it off the same thing happens again. It is happening with two of the Bolo By minkaAire ceiling fans in my house.

  23. I have Hunter Newburgh model 2059. Directions don’t tell me how to change fan circulation from winter to summer. One chain is for the light so what does the other chain do? I’ve pulled it but fan doesn’t change direction. Thanks for your help!!

  24. Fan 3speed with light, chain broke we purchase a 3 speed switch and we place wires where it shoukd be, now it dont turn off, turn power on and fan keeps turning, the low speed is faster than before but will not turn off. We purchase the switch from home depot with help from associate , please help

  25. Replacing fan switch, 3 way fan with separate light switch, did as direction says and now fan won’t stop, to apart 3x to make sure connection is good, the low speed is faster than the old one,

  26. My lighting chain got sucked into the fan blades but did not rip off or break, just spun over the top of the blades. The fan then turned off on its own. When I unraveled the lighting chain after turning off my light switch, I’ve noticed my fan won’t spin anymore. I switched it to reverse & it spun on high, until I tried reversing it back to summer mode. Now it won’t spin on either. I’m wondering what could of possibly happened to my fan & why it does not work now. The lighting works without a problem, now I have a dead fan.

  27. I installed both the chain mechanism for the blades and lights. I turned the breaker on and turned the switch on. Walla lights and blades work. Problem; I can’t turn the blades off with the chain. Why????

    Thank you.

  28. The lights shorted on our fan because of metal to metal contact and now wont turn on, but the fan will still come on, is there a breaker to the lights which would have blown allowing the fan to operate on all three settings? We have a 2018 Hunter fan with lights bought from Lowes,

  29. Thank You for being here…I am going to be doing this myself…first time electrical…expect to see more questions and comments as I proceed..

  30. Where are the answers to all these questions?
    I see many with the same problem I have but without answers ???
    Please post answers below each question

    • Hi, Angie!
      We can’t answer all the questions we receive due to the high volume (sometimes up to 2 million+ monthly visitors), but we sure do our best.
      Selected questions receive a moderator’s answer, as the comments form states.
      Thanks for visiting! 🙂


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