What Is a Pocket Park?

Hurricane Michael devastated Marianna, Florida in 2018. Now, we’re building a pocket park to aid the recovery effort.

But what is a pocket park?

Paul Donofro Jr. is a second-generation architect who planned this pocket park, which we will build on Lafayette Street in the city’s historic downtown district.

In this video, he explains the definition of a pocket park.

“These empty lots where buildings formerly were, are a lot of times converted into little pocket parks,” he says.

“It’s just like the name says — most of the time, it’s confined on two sides by adjacent buildings, and in the rear by an adjacent building, so it’s literally like a pocket.”

After Hurricane Michael destroyed Northwest Florida, Danny Lipford pledged a $50,000 media gift to the city, in addition to helping to build a park on the former site of an office building.

This pocket park, called Lafayette Landing, will serve as an entertainment and small events venue, in addition to a public gathering place.

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  1. I was watching your show and what was done in Marianna, wonderful outcome! I live about 90 miles away and looking forward to visit. I do have a question however, what were the plants used in the park? Looking to do the same at my middle school. Any information would be great appreciated! Hope to hear back soon! Thanks!

    • Hi, Joey,
      Theresa Vickery, our plants coordinator for this project, shares this list:
      • Banana Shrubs
      • Soft Touch Holly
      • Platinum Beauty Grass
      • Lomandra Breeze Grass
      • Snow-and-Summer Asiatic Jasmine
      • Dwarf Olives
      • Loquat
      • Juncus
      We’re glad this project inspired you.
      Happy gardening!


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