Red has always been the good old reliable accent color choice for those who wanted to add a dash of boldness to their house. But lately, it has become the favorite first pick among homeowners looking to redefine their homes with a bolder statement color.

Adding a trim color to your home can double its visual interest. I mean, white is still the most popular trim color, but there’s a growing trend for red trim colors at homes. And why not? Red is a versatile color that can work well with light and dark colored houses.

If you’re looking for ways to add extra uniqueness and make your house more appealing, consider one of these seven red trim house design ideas.

1. Pastel Red to Highlight House Features


These pastel red trims are reminiscent of the exterior of your home, and it’s excellent for highlighting architectural features such as the windows and specific architectural details. Red trims provide a pleasant contrast against a pale orange exterior wall paint.

Using pastel red trim on the exterior of your home is an effective way to create attractive focal points on the main wall while complementing its light tone wall paint. It also helps draw attention to architectural elements, such as window linings and fascia, that may otherwise blend in with the overall structure. This house design is ideal for multi-story homes, residential townhouses, and small enterprise buildings.

2. Red-Orange Trim for a Captivating Look


If you live in an urban community, you can still make your home stand out without resorting to modern house designs. That’s why using a red-orange trim is a great idea to increase the overall visual interest.

Red trims look good on both light and dark colored houses. With orange-red trims on your home, it can make your light-colored vinyl siding enhance its appearance and make it look more elegant. It makes small houses look more extensive and makes your house eye-catching even from a distance.

3. Bright Red Trim for a Radiant House


Choose a trim color that blends well with the colors already present on your houses, such as the roof and exterior wall color. This will help make your home look cohesive.

The best way to complement a red vinyl siding is by using the same color for the trim. With the correct shade, red trims can make the siding look even more vibrant and give your place a unique appearance.

Adding red trims to your exterior can create an engaging feel, like all of the elements were specifically chosen to go together and complement each other. This house design is eye-catching and ideal for vacation houses, small cabins, and small multi-story buildings.

4. Terra Cotta Red for Dark-Colored Houses


There’s nothing quite like having red trim on your windows, roof lining, and other small house features to bring out the best in your outdoor furniture. For houses located in the woods, red is a great way to add some pop to your exterior wall without clashing with the natural tones of the forest. Even if you live in a more urban area, red trim can add a bit of personality to your house exterior.

5. Brownish Red for a Sophisticated Look


If you have an earthy tone-colored house with a large terrace and a majestic front stairway, the color of your deck, stairs, and trim should be near the color brownish-red. In that way, it wouldn’t look too bright nor too dark and just perfect for a relaxing outdoor living area.

A color that’s too light would just look washed out, but one that’s too dark would be overwhelming. The ideal choice is a brownish red trim, which will add just the right amount of color to the space.

Brownish red trim on houses is a great way to make your home stand out, especially if you’re planting flowers in your front yard. This trim color will make the plants “pop” and add a sophisticated look to your house.

6. Maroon for Small Houses


Maroon red trims on light-colored exterior wall color are a home design trend that will not fade away. This style makes your windows and walls to be more attractive.

Maroon red trim color will give your house a clean and polished look. Having simple house plants and red-tone trims on the house’s exterior is a great way to add dimension to a flat-looking wall.

Nothing says “home, sweet home” like a fresh coat of maroon red trim on your house. With a lighter exterior color, you can incorporate the rich shade of red to accentuate the windows and doors of your home. Incorporating maroon trims on your exterior is an easy way to update the look of your tiny house. The maroon trim color elevates the overall house design.

7. Red for Traditional Brick Houses


When you have a traditionally styled home, you best serve the aesthetic by increasing the trim and field color contrast. The difference between the two colors accentuates the distinctive aspects of the mid-century-styled home.

Red trims blend well with light-colored brick walls. Choose red as the trim color to make the windows and other unique features stand out, such as doors, fences, and shutters. This will make your property more appealing and give your home a one-of-a-kind look.

Notice the red trim lining on the roof; you don’t need to cover every roof lining with the same trim color for this style. Be creative and add a distinct exterior design.

This ends our discussion about red trim house design ideas to boost your house’s visual interest. The designs we displayed were different from each other to suit different tastes and styles.

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