On this Week’s Podcast: Getting Over the Isolation Slump

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Entertaining kids during the self-quarantine doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. (DepositPhotos)

Cabin fever is likely setting in for everyone who is social distancing due to the novel coronavirus. But self-quarantine time can be an unexpected opportunity for folks to start tackling projects around the house. And it’s not just adults who may be in an isolation slump — you need to plan some fun activities for kids, too! 

What if we told you there was a way to entertain them using a roll of painters tape

Rolls of Painter's Tape
Create an obstacle course using painter’s tape. (DepositPhotos)

That’s right! Use it to create a path around the house, on top of furniture, under tables and chairs. You’ll basically make an obstacle course for young ones to run off some pent-up energy.

And, painters tape easily detaches from surfaces, so you shouldn’t worry about damaging any of your furniture.

Another fun activity for kids is simply planting something!

Gardening can provide great lessons, and some fun, for kids. (DepositPhotos)

While people in some parts of the country may not be in the perfect climate for outdoor gardening, they can still create a container garden to get a head start for summer.

Plant early veggies and flowers in containers that can be moved indoors at night and on chilly days. 

Another way to get rid of the self-isolation blues is to stand back and look at projects that need attention around the house. 

Make a list! Now you have more time than ever to get cracking at some of those chores you’ve probably been putting off.

And who says those chores can’t be another fun activity for kids? Let’s face it, chores go by faster with teamwork — and everyone in the house should do their fair share. 

Take window washing, for example. Pair up and have one family member wash the outside of a window and your child wash the inside of the same window. Make funny faces at each other while you spray and wipe the same window. 

No one said spring cleaning can’t be fun!

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Question of the Week

Sandra writes, “My parents’ basement sustained water damage this past year. They put in a sump pump and now we need to repair the floor. 

“I painted the floor a few years ago with good cement paint, and now there are flaky spots that need to be fixed. 

“What is the best way to repair the divots and seal the cement? Do I need to strip the paint? What about the white powdery residue? Do I need to seal it, then paint it?” 

DIY Project of the week

Fist lands in punching bag
A punching bag can provide hours of fun and exercise. (DepositPhotos)

How to Make a Punching Bag out of Recycled Material

You could never plan enough fun activities for kids, especially while everyone’s home during the COVID-19 pandemic, so try this low-cost (or no-cost) project: create and install a punching bag!

Watch the video to learn how to make a kids punching bag that’s both eco-friendly and affordable since you just need recycled materials. 

Anyone can do it, and it’ll provide your kids with hours of fun and exercise.

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