During the Victorian Period, the Folk Victorian-style Farmhouse became particularly popular for middle-class homeowners as a lower-cost and practical alternative to the affluent and favored Italianate and Queen Anne styles.

Since it’s a combination of ornate detailing and simple structures with decorative elements, the farmhouse design adds a touch of Victorian flair to create a more eclectic look with high-style Victorian homes, but with several fundamental differences. 

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What exactly are Folk Victorian Farmhouses’ identifying features that set them apart from other Victorian House Styles? What ornate embellishments ideas can you incorporate to make a statement?

Check out our selection of unique Folk Victorian-style farmhouse design ideas to spark a flame of design inspiration for you.

1. Queen Anne Cottage Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse Design

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The white vertical shiplap siding paired with a smokey gray roof and cantilevered gables create a contrast that makes the folk victorian farmhouse design look prominent, bright, and classic. In addition, the scalloped shingles that resembles fish scales adds a unique visual detail and quaint charm to the style.

The front-to-ceiling and twin bay windows add depth and personality, giving an ornate design. The surrounding green landscape and window boxes also give earthily elements and add pops of color, making the overall look more archaic.

2. L-Shape White House Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse Design

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This L-shaped folk victorian style farmhouse design features a white exterior color that contrasts nicely with the coral orange roofing shingles. The simplified vergeboard paired with the scalloped shingles creates a modest structure with ornate detailing.

The corner porch with spindle works and the decorative quoins and brackets give the house’s overall look a nice definition and texture. It also enhances the ornate feel of the Victorian era. 

3. A-shaped Light Blue Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse Design

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Incorporating two hues of blue, light blue and sky blue, provides a colorful vertical siding that makes a subtle statement and helps draw attention to the house’s architectural details. The front-facing gable roof with decorative gable bracket and scalloped shingles add a touch of intricacy to the design. In addition, the porch posts with spindlework add a whimsical feel to the design.

Finally, the white trim accentuates the bay windows nicely, making them pop up in the blue background.

4. Large White and Light Blue Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse Design

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The white and light blue combination creates a bright and minimalist style that looks like a real-life gingerbread house. Its front-gable roof with scalloped shingles adds a touch of elegance and character, purposely drawing the eyesight upwards.

In addition, the light blue trim accentuates the architectural details and creates a focal point, making the bay windows stand out. The porch posts with spindlework also offer intricate patterns that offer visual interest and add a more ornate feel.

5. Polychromatic Small Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse Design

Source: architecturestyles.files.wordpress.com

The different hues of purple for the fish-scale siding paired with pastel yellow vertical siding create an eclectic and vibrant look that instantly catches the eyes of anyone walking past it. The lavender porch posts adorned with green sindleworks with touches of pastel yellow complement the overall look, creating uniformity in the design.

In addition, incorporating a light blue trim frames the windows nicely and proves height for the body of the house, while the potted plants on the porch stairs create a focal point. The polychromatic small folk victorian style farmhouse stands out amongst the green landscape.

6. Cozy Two Floor Brown Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse Design

Source: Unsplash.com

When you look at it, this folk victorian-style farmhouse design seems to mimic a real-life gingerbread house with a rustic and welcoming vibe. It features a brown brick siding and a front-gable roof adorned with gingerbread trim, providing a quaint charm to the house.

The neon blue trim provides accents, highlighting the architectural features while adding personality and depth to the style. In addition, the wraparound porch with simplified spindles pleasing ornamentation, making the property a sight to behold.

7. Gingerbread Trim Used in Gables Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse Design

Source: vinylsiding.org

The bright red vertical viny clapboard siding paired with black roofing shingles creates a classic and timeless farmhouse look. The red and black combination with white trim contrasts nicely, accentuating the vining siding and the house’s architectural features.

In addition, the bay windows and the front-gable roof embellished with white gingerbread trim offers extravagant details and provides Victorian elements, exuding an elegant and luxurious look. The fancy covered porch with spindlework detailing adds a touch of ornate feel and elegance.

8. Fluted Corner Post Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse Design

Source: vinylsiding.org

The green vinyl clapboard siding contrasts nicely with the black roofing shingle, making the green siding stand out. The overall look creates a classic, contemporary farmhouse style with Victorian elements. The white trim outlines the detailings of the house, accentuating the architectural features like windows and fluted corners.

In addition, the arched windows, white porch railings, and other interesting embellishments add a touch of extravagance and character to the overall look.

 9. Crown Window Molding Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse Design

Source: vinylsiding.org

The gray vinyl clapboard blends well with the gray roofing shingles, providing a sense of uniformity in the design. The white scalloped siding near the gable roof adds a touch of sophistication and extravagant detailing. In addition, the white-covered porch with sturdy posts pops up in the gray backdrop, drawing the eyes to the ornate elements of the house.

The hanging plants and green landscape also add earthy details, making the atmosphere welcoming and natural. Overall, the house’s style exudes a contemporary look with Victorian charm.

10. Green and White Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse Design

Source: vinylsiding.org

The contrast between the brown roofing shingles and two-tone white and green shake and shingle sidings creates a classic high-style Victorian style with a distinct sense of luxury. It accentuates the division between the house, providing height and a sense of expansiveness. The two front-facing gable roofs with gable brackets add a touch of extravagance and ornate detailing.

In addition, the white trim frames the windows beautifully, and the gauntlet gray window shutters make them stand out. The intricately designed door also adds a quaint charm to the house. Finally, the Folk Victorian Style Farmhouse’s earthy tones allow the house to blend nicely with the surrounding landscape while also standing out in the neighborhood.

11. White Ornaments

Source: oldhouses.com

The sky blue siding serves as an excellent background for the white ornaments, making the decorative elements pop up while making a delicate statement. The white corner porch with intricate spindlework adds a touch of Victorian charm and unique visual detail. Overall, the folk victorian style farmhouse gives a simplistic look with an eclectic flair.

12. Geometrical Shingles

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The black roofing shingles contrast nicely with the yellow siding, accentuating the siding even more. In addition, the geometric shingles near the gable roof provide an eye-catching ornate embellishment. It also adds character and texture to the design. The white porch posts paired with intricate spindlework also add a whimsical and eclectic feel. Finally, the red door adds a striking color, creating a focal point. 

13. Pastel Pink Color

Source: faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu

The folk Victorian-style farmhouse design features a pastel pink siding with a brick-orange roof that blends well with the soft hue of the siding. The gingerbread trim with intricate window designs adds extravagance and a quaint Victorian charm.

The bay windows with gray window shutters below also provide sophistication to the house’s already luxurious look. In addition, the doorway porch posts with hanging plants add earthy elements that blend well with the landscape. Overall, the house’s design resembles an intricately designed dollhouse brought to life.

14 . Front-facing Gable

Source: Pixabay.com

The bold red color and mustard yellow siding combination create an eclectic look with a rustic flair for the farmhouse design. The green trim frames the windows, while the intricate verge board adds personality and a nice definition to the ornate embellishments. In addition, the open porch adds an air of elegance and Victorian flair to the overall look.

15. All-American Gray Blue Palette

Source: cdn.vox-cdn.com

The gray-blue siding paired with a gray roofing shingle creates a modern and classic farmhouse look. The ornate embellishments like gable brackets, porch railings, and spindlework detailing add an eclectic approach and quaint Victorian elements that give off an air of extravagance. In addition, the red window casings add a splash of color, accentuating the windows.

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