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On this Week’s Podcast: Defending Against COVID-19

This week, we talk about different cleaning and disinfecting products people can use to protect themselves from the COVID-19.

Some methods work better than others in fighting COVID-19, and then there are items that may be on your radar and don’t work at all!

This comes at a time when many people are stuck at home, social distancing, to help ‘flatten the curve’ of infection. And you can avoid an extra trip to the grocery store because a lot of the things you’ll need are probably already inside your kitchen!

You’ve likely heard us talk a lot about vinegar as a cleaning agent. While vinegar does work well to clean surfaces, it isn’t the best application to fight the coronavirus. 

Also, you might have read online that vodka can sanitize against COVID-19. Despite what you may have seen on social media, vodka or any other type of distilled spirit just won’t work for this purpose.

Often, we advise folks not to use bleach as a household cleaner. However, in this situation, bleach can be effective. Bleach can fight COVID-19 and basically any other germ. 

Bleach and sanitizer to treat coronavirus

We do recommend that you dilute a bleach solution — take a third of a cup of bleach and mix it with a gallon of water to create a cleaning formula.

Don’t simply wipe down a surface with this cleaning solution — you really need to scrub until the entire surface is wet, and then let it dry on its own.

And remember: COVID-19 or not, bleach is bleach! Even though you are diluting it, you still should be careful about wherever you use it.

Rubbing alcohol products that are at least 70% of alcohol work well with fighting the virus. Just dab some on a cotton rag or use it in a properly labeled spray bottle.

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