Our Top 10 Gray House Exterior Picks

1. ​​Modern Farmhouse-Style Home In Gray

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A classic gray exterior with white trim for contrast is a common color scheme used often in modern farmhouse style homes. As seen in this example, it provides a modern and transitional feel to an otherwise classic home design. 

2. Traditional American Farmhouse Home In Hues Of Gray

Traditional American Farmhouse Home In Hues Of Gray
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Yet another farmhouse-style home but this time, it focuses more on the contrast between light gray, and dark gray. We are in love with how the color scheme gives off traditional american home vibes. 

3. Modern Shiplap Home In Gray And White

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Exterior shiplap walls painted in white serve as a background for gray accent elements as seen in the design of the roof and window panes. Proving that you can never go wrong with a gray and white combo.

4. A Modern Update To A Federal-Style Home

Gray brick home with glass door

An old Federal style home is given a new life through gray paint and white trim, instead of the typical red brick facade that we are used to. Windows painted in flat white illuminate the architectural details of this facade. 

5. A Modern Shingle-Style Home

Cottage with Grey Shingles
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This charming shingle-style home painted in dark gray provides an interesting and charming look. The cool gray undertones in this house provide a modern curb appeal to the entire facade.

6. Dark Farmhouse Vibes


The warm undertones present in this home design work really well with the warm white lighting present in this home. The dark gray paint job does a great job in making the entire design seem low-key, while making the interiors pop through dramatic mood lighting

7. A Quaint Craftsman Bungalow In Shades Of Grayish Blue


This bungalow painted in gray truly is an example of modern craftsman-style home design. The prominent porch right smack in the middle of the house, coupled with a low pitched roof

8. A Simple And Modern Gray Home

Authentic gray house with yard.
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Modern, yet cozy is what describes this single-story guest house. We definitely love the gray paneling, coupled with large concrete tiles and pine wood rafters. It’s a modern update to the typical wooden cabin look.

9. A Monochromatic Stone-Clad Home

Brick and stone home with cedar roof
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This country-style home is given a modern update through the use of monochromatic gray elements on the facade. The stone cladding wrapped all around the walls possess various distinct shades of gray, adding drama and interest to the overall design.

10. Gray Home With Prominent Teal-Colored Elements

A detail of a front door on home with stone and white bricking s
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In this example, teal-colored doors and furniture bring a whole new dimension into the plain gray facade. The manner in which the teal blends itself with the facade tricks your eye, causing an optical illusion that eliminates the presence of the gray paint. 

Other Gray House Designs We Love

11. A Cottage-Slash-Farmhouse-Style Home With A Lot Of Textural Dimension

Natural Stone Bricks elevate the otherwise boring and gray facade of this cottage-style-slash-farmhouse-style hybrid. A lot of colors and textures are at play in the facade, emphasized by the architectural plan and form, as seen in this design. 

12. A Farmhouse-Style Home With A Coastal Appeal

Yet another farmhouse-style home, possessing a coastal appeal thanks to the color scheme and porch. We specifically admire the warm undertones present in the gray paint job, accentuated by both light and dark trim. 

13. A Humble Abode With A Contrasting Red Roof

Various shades of light gray make the perfect background for the bright red roof atop this home. The entire look and feel of this home is packed with a lot of individuality, based on the chosen colour scheme. 

14. Dark Farmhouse Adorned With A High-Contrast White Trim

Another way to use gray for your home’s exterior is to choose a really dark shade of gray and apply white trim to help accentuate the structure’s form. In this example, you can see how the white brings life to the dark, monochromatic paint seen all over the house. 

15. A Modern Gray Facade With Pops Of Color

Gray is common in most modern designs, and in this example, it’s paired with various colours from the spectrum, creating a playful facade. We love how the designer used a lot of massing techniques in the design, which helps create a dynamic facade. The coloured garage doors add a little something extra to break the monotony.

16. A Two-Storey Home In Gray And White

Here we have another example of an American home. A craftsman, two-storey hybrid painted in gray, adorned with a contrasting white trim. 

17. A Craftsman-Cottage Hybrid In Shades Of Bluish Gray

This gorgeous craftsman-cottage style hybrid uses shades of pewter gray, light gray, and slate all over the design. The absence of ornamentation gives it a very masculine, yet gentle feel to it. The shade or pewter gray used leans more towards powder blue, giving it a distinct look and feel.

18. Green Gray Facade With A Bold Fuchsia Door

There are a lot of possibilities in having a gray exterior; with numerous shades of gray having different undertones, there won’t be a shortage of possible color combinations. A cool gray facade can be accentuated with a bold color for contrast. 

19. Deep Dark Burgundy Accent Atop A Gray Facade

A quaint craftsman-style home stands out, thanks to the accent roof vents painted in a deep dark shade of red. You can see how these red accent elements elevate the entire facade by providing the design a focal point. 

20. Modern Home In Gray And Pine Wood

Pine wood elevates this container looking modern home in gray. We specifically love how the entire design is being given a warm touch through the natural wooden panels by the garage. 

21. A Colonial-Style Home Retrofitted To Accommodate Modern Requirements

A seemingly classic colonial style home is retrofitted with expansion works to maximize the space. Here you will see a lot of galvanized steel panels in gray which help modernize the otherwise classic and symmetrical facade. 

22. A Monochromatic Farmhouse-Craftsman Hybrid

The cool undertone of this dark gray home adds a modern feel to this seemingly craftsman-farmhouse-style home. Painted in dark gray with a matte sheen, the entire facade absorbs light, allowing it to illuminate despite its dark color. 

23. Dark Gray And Beige Dimensional Home

This dark gray and light beige home possesses an interesting dimensional appeal. The dark gray painted bricks provide a blank canvas that help elevate the light beige shiplap panels, all topped with an interesting asphalt shingle roof.

24. An Added Dimension To A Dutch Colonial Revival Home

The way this Dutch Colonial Revival home is painted has this sort of impact— painting the shiplap panels in a dark shade of gray helps create some sort of visual appeal that seamlessly integrates the second floor walls with the roof. 

25. An Interesting Foursquare Bungalow In Cool Gray

What’s not to love about this foursquare inspired facade? The gray paint adds a modern touch to this classic home style.

26. A Simple Modern Gray Two-Storey Home

A simple combination of gray and beige helps this low-key two storey home become more visually appealing.

27. Red Bricks And Gray Trim Combination

The perfect combination of gray and burnt umber emphasize the grandeur of this old home. We love the fact that the gray has a red undertone to it, which perfectly matches the brick facade.

28. Ranch Home In Dark Gray With A Pop Of Yellow

An interesting color choice for a ranch style home,with a dark gray facade given life through the mustard yellow door. The contrast that exists between the two colours contribute to this home’s visual appeal.

29. Blue Paneled Walls And Gray Details

 An interesting take to ranch-style homes, the blue-painted paneling accentuates the warm-gray asphalt shingles, and the light gray details.  

30. An Eclectic Combination Of Yellow And Gray​​

An interesting combination of yellow and gray, this saltbox-inspired home provides an unconventional color combination.

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