3 Ways to Increase Bathroom Storage Space

Everyone wants a bathroom that feels more like a spa, with storage that keeps things hidden, but within arm’s reach.

A space where everything has its proper place is functional and relaxing, but builder-grade bathrooms never include enough spots for your things.

That means you often have to get creative!

Consider these tips to maximize your bathroom storage and make the space more comfortable and convenient.

Chelsea Lipford Wolf's master bathroom addition with blue tile walls and a wood vanity
A counter-height vanity is more natural to use and means increased storage.

1. Raise the Vanity

Choosing a taller (36-inch high) vanity allows for a more comfortable countertop height as well as added storage space underneath.

Can’t add a new vanity in the household budget? No problem! You can actually separate the counter from the cabinets and raise the vanity yourself.

While you’re at it, install some horizontal shelving on each side of the sink portion of the vanity cabinet. It’s another great way to increase storage capacity.

Watch: How to Raise a Vanity Countertop

Window seat in a boy's nursery
Maximize bathroom storage — and seating — with a window seat.

2. Build a Window Seat

Your home’s architectural design is all in its details, and adding a window seat instantly enhances the bathroom and makes it more functional.

You can build a window seat — it doesn’t require special skills and you probably have the necessary tools on hand.

Installing a window seat with a drawer or hinged top will boost your bathroom’s storage as well as provide a place to sit when getting dressed.

Watch: How to Make a Window Seat

Toilet built above bathroom cabinet
Keep towels and toiletries in a cabinet above your toilet.

3. Install a Cabinet Above the Toilet

Think you’ve maxed out all the storage space in your bathroom? Check one more time because many homeowners overlook one spot: over the toilet!

Mounting a cabinet just above the toilet is a great way to provide extra bathroom storage and declutter the space.

Keep toilet paper and hand towels behind closed doors, out of view, in this cabinet. The result is a functional, clear and clean bathroom.

Watch: How to Build a Toilet Topper Cabinet

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