As I mentioned in my previous post, I was a badge-wearing attendee at this year’s Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas. And part of that week is the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS). There is always so much to see and so little time to see it. But I’ll fill you in on the trends and cool stuff I saw along the way.

One of my first stops in the KBIS side of the Convention Center was a huge booth with every style of bathroom vanity imaginable displayed. And they were all from one company, Fairmont Designs. I’m not sure if they were “new releases” or some of their staples, but they were beautiful! And it also helped that they had inviting, plush white carpet in the booth too…

This vanity got my attention because I had never seen an apron sink in a bathroom before. Plus I love the dark wood with light countertop look.

Fairmont Designs apron sink vanity.

As I walked around their booth, I noticed a trend. It’s one that I’ve seen on Pinterest a time or two, too. And that’s open shelving. It is a clean and fresh look. But I think I have too much stuff to eliminate the amount of hidden storage I’d have to give up to pull this style off.

Fairmont Designs white open shelf vanity.

If you’re not into the open-shelf vanity, they had vanities of every size, style, finish, and shape you could want.

Fairmont Designs curved single sink vanity.

Fairmont Designs furniture style vanity.

And they even had a cool “floating” vanity that was hung on the wall. But I did not catch a picture of it. Never fear, here are a few I found in various other booths further down the aisle.

White floating vanity.

“Look, Ma! No hands!”
Floating wall hung vanity.
The grey and black vanities are from Bau Format. They also have a variety of kitchen cabinets as well as plenty more floating, wall hung bath vanities.
Black wall hung, floating vanity.

Along the same vain of trending cabinetry, there were several booths that had kitchens with a pop of color. Probably my favorite is this sunny yellow island found in the Dacor appliances booth.

Yellow kitchen cabinet island with white countertop.

How could you eat a meal with a grumpy face in this kitchen?! It’d make me happy even on days when the alarm clock is going off before sunrise!

Then there’s this muted, grey-blue kitchen island. It’s a much more subtle approach to colored cabinetry, but looks trendy in a way that won’t be dated in a few years time.

Dacor grey-blue kitchen cabinet island.

And last but not least in this colorful cabinetry journey is this set of upper cabinets. I don’t remember which booth I found these in, but I’m pretty sure the lower cabinets were a stained wood finish, like the cabinets around the refrigerator.

Blue hanging kitchen cabinets.

The two colors (blue and stained wood) seem to compliment and contrast each other in an edgy way. I don’t think I’m bold enough to try this look. But I can appreciate someone who is!

Are you bold enough to try out a color combo in your kitchen? Which is your favorite bathroom vanity? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

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