First Time Homeowner 4: Bathroom Remodel

Danny Lipford First Time Homeowner bathroom after remodeling.
Danny Lipford First Time Homeowner bathroom after remodeling.

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Our 1940 First Time Homeowner house only has one small bathroom. Since it hadn’t been remodeled in years and was in need of a major update, we decided to give the room a serious makeover.

First Time Homeowner bathroom after demolition.
First Time Homeowner bathroom after demolition.

Bathroom Remodel

Our bathroom remodel included:

    • Demolition: Remove fixtures, walls, ceiling, and floor to gut the room down to the studs.
    • Window: Remove the existing window above the bathtub, and replace it with a smaller one from JELD-WEN Windows & Doors that won’t interfere with the shower surround.
Installing bathroom vent fan.
Installing bathroom vent fan.
    • Doors: Replace the bathroom door and other interior doors in the house with JELD-WEN Craftsman III doors using the Perfect Fit digital template system, available through The Home Depot in select locations, for doors that precisely fit the existing frames.
    • Plumbing: Install plumbing for the tub, shower, toilet, and sink.
    • Wiring: Rough in wiring for the light, fan, and wall outlets.
    • Insulation: Insulate the interior and exterior walls of the bathroom.
Leveling bathtub.
Leveling bathtub.
    • Drywall: Install moisture and mold resistant purple drywall on the bathroom walls.
    • Vanity and Wall Cabinet: Install Merillat five-drawer bathroom vanity with soft action closing drawers from their Avenue Collection in maple with Chiffon finish and matching wall cabinet.
    • Tile Floor: Install 13”x 13” Ivory Piazza porcelain floor tiles from Shaw Floors to match the color of the countertop.
Hanging vanity mirror.
Hanging vanity mirror.
    • Paint: Paint the bathroom walls and trim.
    • Door Hardware: Install Schlage interior door handles from their Andover Collection with an aged bronze finish on the bathroom and other interior doors.
    • Cabinet Hardware: Install knobs on the vanity and wall cabinet.
    • Accessories: Install towel rods and rings and toilet paper holder.
  • Mirror: Hang vanity mirror on wall.
First Time Homeowner bathroom after remodeling.
First Time Homeowner bathroom after remodeling.

Office Room Makeover

In addition, closets were added to the room Chelsea will use for her office, with Eggshell color Replacement Of Nature Anso nylon fiber carpet from Shaw Floors on the floor.

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  1. I saw the bathroom episode and saw the discussion regarding the vent in the bathroom. I have a problem with mine. I had my bathroom redone, but the contractor did not tear the ceiling out, but did replace the old vent with a new one.
    My problem is I believe the vent is improperly vented to the proper exit from the house. The house had a family room added to the rear of the house (prior to purchase), which bumps up against the bathroom, which use to have a window to the rear of the house, but it is now closed off and the bathroom is in the center of the house with only the vent for ventilation.

    I believe that the vent is still vented to the old exterior wall, which causes the paint on the wall in the family room to bubble up and looks like water damage. I have had this wall fixed at least 3 times in 15 years. The walls are also plaster and tere are not many master plasterers left.

    How can I remedy this? The bathroom is below the upstairs, so I can’t see how it is vented to the ceiling. Can you help me? Please email me back.

  2. Can another very light application of grout be done. Grout has already collected dust; that is what we need to cover/reapply.
    Thank You!


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