How to Build a Window Seat

A window seat not only enhances the look of a room and provides additional seating, but it serves as a great storage space as well. This window seat was made from ¾” oak plywood and features hinged doors on the top for storage.
It is and 21” high by 19” deep and 8’ long.

  1. Frame the front of the seat with 2x4s on 16” centers.
  2. Secure the front frame to the floor with screws if the floor is wood. When attaching to a concrete slab, use a powder activated nailer or plastic anchors and screws.
  3. Nail a 2×4 to the top of the front frame.
  4. Attach 2x4s to the back and side walls for support, making sure they’re level and even with the front.
  5. Face the front frame with two pieces of vertically cut oak plywood.
  6. Make a frame for the seat from solid oak 1x2s joined together with a face frame nailer or nails.
  7. Cut two plywood doors to fit in the seat frame, edging them with strips of solid oak.
  8. Putty and sand the doors to give them a finished look.
  9. Stain the window seat, and give it two coats of polyurethane finish.
  10. Hinge the two doors to the seat frame with brass piano hinges.


  1. Why did you not pull up the carpet for the wimdow seat. Don’t you think it would be easier than having to dismantle the seat when you change the carpet. Is the simple 2×4 construction strong enough to hold a heavy person should they sit on it . Love the fact that you did this with a video. Not everybody can understand other construction terms . Your video and written instructions were awsome. Thank you Debbie O from Canada

  2. What is the best insulation material to use on exterior exterior wall window seats? It must be Quarter inch our less in thickness. Would Tyvek wrap be helpful?

  3. I want to put in a window seat but I live in an apartment and there is carpet on the floor, so does that mean I cannot put in a window seat?

    • Hi, Rosetta!
      If you live in a rental, it is best to first obtain permission from the landlord before making any changes.
      After all, you’ll want that security deposit back!
      Good luck!

  4. I have a straw bales house, so the interior wall around the living room window sticks out the width of a straw bales. I would like to build a wooden hinged seat to cover top and front of this, and attach cushions to make a window seat. Needs to be sturdy as dogs like to jump up there.

    • Hi, Catherine!
      Your home sounds so unique and special.
      We’re opening this question to the community.
      Any ideas, y’all?


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