Elegant Master Bathroom Upgrade For Just $1,800

Tom and Linda Lyles' master bathroom, after renovation
A master bathroom should be worthy of its title. Now, after just $1,800 in renovations, this one is.

We’re giving a couple’s master bathroom a facelift to make their space more worthy of the title.

This house belongs to Tom and Linda Lyles. Since they moved in 16 years ago, they’ve wanted to renovate the master bath.

Dated floral wallpaper once covered the area so the couple took it down and did some damage that they just didn’t know how to fix. That was over a year ago, so this master bathroom is past due for an update.

Tom and Linda Lyles' master bathroom, before renovation
Tom and Linda Lyles removed their wallpaper more than a year ago, and soon realized that updating their master bedroom would be a bigger job than they’d anticipated.

Linda would like a new countertop, along with painted cabinets and updated pulls, and an electrical outlet for her husband’s side of the vanity.

Tom would like the doorway leading to the water closet converted into a cased opening. In addition, he’d like to see the builder-grade mirror replaced with two separate mirrors.

So, besides painting the walls, we’ll replace the mirror, convert the water closet doorway to a cased opening, update the vanity, and replace the sinks and countertop.

The Projects: Master Bathroom Facelift

Chelsea and I disconnect the sink and remove the countertop. With the master bathroom’s countertop out of the way, we can finish removing the wallpaper — with a little help from a paper scoring tool and some hot water.

After stripping off the remainder of the wallpaper, Chelsea and Linda remove the doors and drawers from the vanity while I cover up the wall damage throughout the room with a coat of joint compound. Then we tackle the doorway to the water closet.

After removing the split jamb, I begin nailing 1-by-6’s to the framing to make this a proper cased opening.

Danny Lipford converts French provincial cabinet doors to Shaker style
Danny Lipford converts cabinet doors to the popular Shaker style.

Convert Vanity Doors to Shaker Style

The master bathroom’s vanity doors were a French provincial style and we’re changing them to Shaker style.

The conversion isn’t difficult because I found strips that are the right width and thickness at the home center.

I just have to glue the strips to the door and then we can paint.


  1. We would like to raise our sink in the bathroom. Our home is 42 years old and the sink is only 29 inches high. The cabinet is in really good condition and we do not wish to change it, especially since it matches two custom cabinets that we had installed approximately two years ago and it is provincial colored oak.

  2. Sounds like a good remodel.
    We need to do something similar. We have 2.5 baths. The two have shower/tub combos, we are looking at replacing one with a shower only. All three vent to the attic only, as does the clothes dryer in the utility room, I don’t want to drill/saw a hole in the brick on the outside to vent the dryer to the outside, can the dryer be vented to an existing vent pipe or to the soffit vents? the house is nearly 40 years old. We have lived here for over 30.

    • Hi, David,
      Great question! We have forwarded it to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show’s producer.
      He will contact you soon to discuss featuring it during an upcoming show.
      Take care!


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