Simple Back Support for Working in a Sink Cabinet

If you’ve ever had to work inside a sink cabinet, you know it can be a real pain. And that’s not just because light plumbing problems usually require you to work with your arms above your head, which always exerts more energy.

Think about it: The kitchen floor is usually three or four inches lower than the space inside the sink cabinet. Moreover, the hard edge at the bottom of the cabinet box always hits you right in the middle of the back or on your neck. Ouch!

So, when you think about that problem, the solution’s pretty clear. What you need is a platform, something that you can lay on to ease that transition between the floor and the sink cabinet’s hard edge. But you don’t have to go out and buy something, or even make something. And all you need to use is an ironing board.

We used a little, collapsed ironing board; it’s just wide enough to fit into even the smallest of sink cabinets. It’s long enough, too, so it gives you lots of support on your back. Oh, and best of all? The cushion supports your backside!

Considering you have your head stuck inside a cabinet, it’s actually a relatively comfortable position. Moreover, this is a great way to ease the transition from inside the cabinet down to the floor.

I suppose you could build a wooden platform for working in your sink cabinet, but why bother? You have an ironing board, use it! 

Watch the video to see the Simple Solution!

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  1. Good idea, but my wife wouldnt agree to using her clean ironing board, to work under the sink, even if I wrapped it in a drop cloth. My craftsman mechanics creeper saved the day. It was almost as high as the cabinet floor, and getting in and out of the cabinet was much easier as i could push myself in with my feet, and pull myself out with my arms, rolling on the creeper wheels, instead of sliding on the floor. Make sure the creeper wheels are clean, and a scrap of carpet makes a nice cushion for the little bump at the cabinet edge.


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