1. Have your ever done a program on solar /wind power and coming off the power grid in southern states. How many solar panels to power a average home ?

    Your segments are excellent !! And I like your ties with Chad on channel 5 Mobile Al on weekends Sundays !!! Great info very helpful and products you recommend are real values and very useful !! Thanks !!

  2. Why am i smelling nair when im sitting on a couch watching a movie i smell nair ounce in a while like someone rubbed nair on the couch or something does this mean anything?

    • Hi, Missy,
      Can’t say we’ve ever used Nair, so we’re not sure what it smells like.
      Would you please use other words to describe the odor you’ve noticed?

  3. We are smelling a strong chemical smell that slightly burns the nose in our guest room. Have no idea what it is and have exhausted all our options of figuring it out ourselves. Not a gas smell., not safe to smell any longer but don’t know who to call. My husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer 3 months ago and I don’t want him exposed to any longer trying to figure out what it is. We’ve been smelling it for a few days now but it’s not in any other room.

    • Could be your neighbor using those deodorizers plugged into the wall to conceal the smell when they smoke pot. I also just ordered a commercial ozone generator $200 from Home Depot to clean the air. You can call the gas company to check first and I read that people call the local health dot, state environmental regulators and found old gas in the ground or somebody pours chemicals in the drain and rain flush the chemical down the drain….others suggest to check the smell of the new electric light bulb….I’m searching myself for the smell in the garage but I start with the ionizer first because you need to keep the air

  4. Parents put a lot of effort into making a home safe for children, but there are dangerous smells in a house that can potentially kill.


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