Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs? Here’s the Simple Fix | Ep. 153

Rotten eggs seen beside a water heater
Does your water smell like rotten eggs? It could be due to something in your water heater.

The distinct smell of rotten eggs is always unpleasant, but when the stench comes from running water, it’s a cause for concern.

Gary recently installed a new gas water heater; his water source is a well. Since then, the water has smelled like rotten eggs. Now, he’s wondering what caused the smell, and what he can do about it.

The stench’s origin is not the water itself. Instead, it boils down to these two things:

  • Bacteria is present in the water supply
  • The new water heater has an anode rod made with magnesium or aluminum

An anode rod — a sacrificial component inside the water tank — attracts corrosive minerals and filters them out of your water.

If bacteria are present in the water and the water heater has a rod made with magnesium or aluminum, the bacteria will create sulfates.

Then, it will produce hydrogen sulfide — the chemical compound that creates the scent of rotten eggs.

Fixing this smelly water is simple: just replace the anode rod with a zinc or aluminum-zinc alloy rod.

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Simple Solutions

Collecting Metal Shavings: Here is an easy way to clean up every metal shaving on your shop floor. First, place a magnet inside a thin plastic bag, pass the bag over the work area to attract the shavings to the magnet and turn the bag inside out. Finally, toss the shavings into the trash.

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Vacuum Your Smoke Detector: Dust buildup can block your smoke detector’s sensor, so to keep it operating properly, vacuum the vents twice a year. There’s no need to take apart the detector. Just run the floor nozzle of your vacuum cleaner over the vents to suck up any dust blocking the vent.

Question of the Week

Q: I want to install furring strips to the concrete block walls in my basement. Are there any concerns about screwing into the blocks, or should I use some type of glue or epoxy?

A: You should use construction adhesive on the back of the furring strips. Then, screw some concrete anchors into the mortar joints of the block to hold them until the glue dries. This will give the furring strips some extra support.

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