Comparing Vacuum Cleaners, Steam Mops and Steam Cleaners

Cleaning your home is an everyday activity, and new appliances are making the process easier and more effective. Here, we will look at three top cleaning appliances and tell you everything you need to know about each of them.

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner collects small particles such as dust from surfaces. It creates suction using an air pump and has a bag that collects dust and particles. Some vacuum cleaners clean multiple varied surfaces; others clean specific types of surfaces. A vacuum cleaner’s costs typically increase along with its number of features.
Depending on the vacuum cleaner, flooring such as wood, tile and carpeting can be cleaned. Types include upright vacuums, cordless vacuums, central vacuums, canister vacuums, broom vacuums, robotic vacuums and small vacuums.


• They clean surfaces faster and more effectively compared to brooms.
• They are easy to use — just place the cleaner on the surface, and it does the cleaning automatically.
• They remove pet hair and fur from different surfaces.
• Disposing of collected dirt is simple. Just detach the dust bag, empty it and reattach it. Bagless options are also available.
• Prices range from $15 — for a basic, slim or ‘stick’ vacuum cleaner — to $1,000 — for advanced robotic and bagless vacuums with more features — so there’s an option for every household budget.


• A vacuum cleaner is heavier than a broom or a mop. It is, therefore, more difficult to move from place to place, especially up and down stairs.
• Vacuum cleaners need electricity to function. This is an added cost on the user of the appliance.
• Some vacuum cleaners are noisy, an inconvenience to others who are in the room that is being cleaned.
• The hose poses a tripping hazard and could lead to injuries.

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Steam Mops

A steam mop cleans by using heat from steam generated within the cleaner. The mop deep-cleans bare floors, carpets and rugs.
Heat from steam kills 99 percent of germs and bacteria from surfaces. The steam mop comes in varied designs and with numerous attachments to clean surfaces such as windows, toilets and countertops.
Before using a steam mop, you should first sweep the surface; otherwise, the attachment will gain dust and dirt faster.


• Steam kills germs and bacteria
• A steam mop uses few or no cleaning agents compared to a traditional mop.
• It is light to carry and move from place to place.
• It can clean multiple surfaces including countertops and toilets.
• It’s an efficient cleaner compared to traditional mops that mostly spread dirt around.
• Prices range from $16 to $300, so there’s an option for every household budget


• Heat from steam could pose a risk to the user and others
• The steam mop requires some preparation before using appliance
• If handled incorrectly, the user could be electrocuted or injured by steam
• Carpets cleaned using a steam mop take quite some time to dry
• Using a steam mop on a recently waxed floor could lead to damage
• Using an attachment on the wrong surface could cause damage to the flooring

Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner uses steam released at high pressure to clean, sanitize and disinfect a surface.
It cleans by applying moisture from steam and heat onto the surface. A steam cleaner is used on multiple surfaces and can also be used to peel off wallpaper, unclog a drain, clear grout, clean grills and more. Dirt is accumulated in a towel, within the cleaner, that is moistened by steam.


• A steam cleaner does not need cleaning agents and chemicals to clean and disinfect.
• Steam and heat penetrate through the surface, providing a deep clean.
• The steam vapor is a deodorizing agent
• Drying takes a short time because less water is left on the surface.
• Prices range from $13 to $1,000, with options for every household budget


• The steam’s high temperature poses a risk if not carefully managed.
• Using steam on some types of wood for some time leads to discoloration and deterioration of the wood.


Vacuum cleaners, steam mops and steam cleaners each have their pros and cons.
Consider factors like your household budget, available storage space, the home’s cleaning needs and surfaces that need cleaning.


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