7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Interior Fabrics

7. The Feel

The rule of thumb when selecting interior fabric is to first have a feel of the fabric. If you cannot touch it then simply don’t buy it.

Whether you will use the fabric for chairs or curtains, one thing is for sure: you will be touching it more than you can imagine.

Interior design is all about perception and just as the other senses, the sense of touch is powerful. When picking a fabric for the bedroom, you can opt for a smooth, seamless material.

However, when you are decorating a sitting room that directly faces outside, a rough fabric can fit in perfectly.

The bottom line for choosing any fabric for your interiors is first to shop around, look at and feel the different fabrics and have your checklist in hand.

Not all fabrics will have everything you want, so weigh the pros and cons — and have fun!


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