Home Improvement Calorie Burning Workout

Shoveling snow is great exercise.

DIY home improvement projects not only save money, they can provide a great fat busting, calorie burning workout at the same time! Below are estimates from GreenPal on the number of calories burned by common home improvement and maintenance projects.

So what are you waiting for, start your home improvement workout today!

Winter Home Improvement Projects

Even when it’s too cold to get much done outside, there are still plenty of indoor home improvement projects to tackle, from refinishing wood floors to installing tile. While they provide a good workout, it comes as no surprise that shoveling snow burns the most calories of all.

A full day of winter DIY projects can burn 1,000 calories or more.

  • Shoveling snow: 576 calories burned per hour
  • Installing carpet: 238 calories burned per hour
  • Laying tile floor: 238 calories burned per hour
  • Sanding floors: 238 calories burned per hour

Repairing a roof is good exercise.

Spring Home Improvement Projects

The snow has melted, birds are singing, and the time has finally arrived to work outside. The coming of the warmer weather brings an abundance of spring cleaning and maintenance projects, from roof repairs to pressure washing.

A day of spring clean-up can easily burn 1,200 calories or more.

  • Roof repair: 340 calories burned per hour
  • Carpentry work: 340 calories burned per hour
  • Pressure wash fence: 238 calories burned per hour
  • Plumbing repairs: 136 calories burned per hour

Push mowing the lawn burns calories.

Summer Home Improvement Projects

The long, slow days of summer are great for relaxing, but there’s also a lot to do around your house and yard, including mowing the lawn and painting.

You can easily burn 1,300 calories on a summer afternoon of home chores.

  • Push mowing lawn: 400 calories burned per hour
  • Shoveling dirt: 272 calories burned per hour
  • Building fence: 340 calories burned per hour
  • Painting house: 272 calories burned per hour
  • Staining fence: 238 calories burned per hour

Raking leaves burns calories.

Fall Home Improvement Projects

Crisp fall weather is a welcome relief from the hot days of summer, but there’s still a lot that needs doing around the house. Raking the yard, cleaning gutters, and hanging storm windows all can provide a great fall workout.

A busy fall afternoon could result in over 1,000 calories going up in smoke.

  • Raking leaves: 384 calories burned per hour
  • Cleaning gutters: 272 calories burned per hour
  • Hanging storm windows: 272 calories burned per hour
  • Electrical repair: 136 calories burned per hour

With all the projects to tackle around your house throughout the year, dedicated homeowners can stay in shape without ever gracing the door of a gym!

Home maintenance calorie burning chart.


  1. What about seal coating a driveway? Carrying the buckets, stirring the contents, Brushing the sealer in by hand…

    • Sealing a driveway is sure to burn some calories as well, Lisa!
      Of course, as with any ‘exercise’ plan, first, check with your doctor.
      Here’s to good health and home improvements. 🙂


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