When it comes to elite acoustical performance for office spaces and commercial buildings, it’s hard to find a company offering higher-quality products than Arktura. Arktura specializes in optimizing rooms of all shapes and sizes so that the acoustic and aesthetic performance will meet the desires of their clients. 

From office spaces meant to facilitate easier and clearer communication to art galleries in need of a striking look, Arktura has something for everyone. 

Arktura Does It All

Arktura creates products to optimize every aspect of a room from the floor to the ceiling. They offer decorative ceiling tiles, wall systems, furniture, canopies, lighting, custom guard-rails, cat screens, and more. 

They aren’t like your average interior design company because in conjunction with a team of engineers, designers, architects, and programmers, they use proprietary software and adaptable machinery to create some of the most stunning visual and acoustical effects you’ll see from any wall or ceiling system out there.

For instance, Arktura’s Vapor Graphic Perf uses software, lighting, acoustic backer panels, grid systems, decorative screens and more to create a canvas out of the wall and ceiling. The opportunities for creating unique, creative, and unprecedented displays of art, instructionals, and more have never been more available. 

Options for Every Situation

Arktura has taken it upon themselves to design products for almost every conceivable type of building space out there. Some of the products they offer include the Trisoft series of faceted modules, perfect for creating a space intended for elite acoustic performance while retaining a plethora of options for artistic creativity within the baffle ceiling system.  

Exterior panel systems are also a specialty of Arktura, like the Secare customizable wall system. Comprised of precision-cut, stainless-steel tubes, this wall system comes with a variety of stylistic options that allow for customization and dynamic response to your needs.

Arktura Has a Reputation for Excellence

One of the signs that Arktura is among the best in their field is that they have already completed many projects for high-profile clients.  They helped to create the Culver City C3 Facade, a plethora of private interactive art canopies, the Great Park Canopies in Orange County, California, Architects for Animals, the Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center, the Bar Frolik, and many other projects. 

Arktura also invented the Squall Reception Desk, a unique piece of furniture unlike anything else ever seen. It is made from elegantly curved sections of metal cantilevered ribs, with a series of compressions struts that work together to bring rigidity to the structure. 

Arktura Continues to Innovate

With original, award-winning pieces of furniture, wall-systems, acoustic ceiling systems and more, it’s no wonder why Arktura is quickly becoming a leader in the field of interior design and paneling systems. By combining proprietary software with a team of professionals in every area, they are able to produce and continue inventing some of the most revolutionary products on the market. All of their products have a high noise reduction coefficient rating, which means they are superior at absorbing sounds to keep spaces quiet.

They have completely mastered the art of optimizing indoor spaces for unique purposes. The magic in their process seems to be in the combination of functionality with aesthetic beauty, and it’s taken the world by storm.

Arktura promotes complete product transparency by disclosing material ingredients to Transparency Catalog. For additional Arktura product specs click here.

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