7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Interior Fabrics

2. Your Style

When shopping for the best fabrics for your interior décor, it is crucial to factor in your style.

Having a clear style that you want to create in your indoor space, with the fabrics you choose, helps you to narrow your options.

To help you streamline your taste of style, consider the following periods:
18th and 19th Century: the popular fabric during this era was damask. When choosing a fabric for this era, choose one that has subtle profiles and robust patterns. Velvet, linen, and silk are some of the go-to fabrics.

Early 20th Century: Fabrics with geometric and symmetrical design patterns are the best for this style. Colors were both neutral and vibrant.

Mid-20th Century: This modern sense of style has shifted from patterns to angles. Neutral-colored fabrics are on trend, as are bright hues such as orange and blue.

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