Building a home is exciting. You get to plan exactly what you want, down to every last detail. And you can usually find home builders to design and build exactly what you’re looking for.

But what if you want a historic feel in your new home?

Here are four things that you can do while building, and after you move in, that will add a little nostalgia to your home.

1. Save a Piece of History

Excavation is a great time to find some piece of the original property that you could save and incorporate into your home’s design theme.

It could be as simple as some ornate rocks or intricate pieces of fallen timber.

You could also get pieces of the trees that are cut down to make way for your home.

The wood could be used to make furniture, floor coverings or small conversation pieces that you design and create — such as picture frames or coasters.

Whatever you decide, the piece will have an interesting story behind it.

2. Add Antique Furniture

Nothing screams history like antiques.

Vintage enthusiasts admire antiques for several reasons:

  • The intricate details of yesteryear are things that you just don’t see today.
  • You always wonder how many owners a piece of furniture has had, what they were like, and what their lives must have been like.
  • The quality craftsmanship is what has made them last so long. And, they will last forever.
  • Antiques also have a monetary value. And, unlike newer furniture, their value tends to increase as they age.

3. Dedicate a Library Area

Books are an ideal way to achieve a historic feel in your new home, especially if they are older volumes.

You could have an actual room dedicated to reading with bookshelves showcasing different pieces of historical literature.

Or, you could create a small area intended for quietly reading and using antique books to decorate the walls and shelves around it.

Library areas just feel historical.

4. Show Your Patriotism

Proudly displaying your country’s flag and incorporating red, white and blue into your color scheme has, and probably always will be, a trendy way to celebrate the history of your country inside and outside your home.

These are only a few ways to get a little feel of history in your new home. Think about the things that you like and the ones that make you feel nostalgic.

You’ll find the perfect balance of old and new.

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