Do you need to clamp down some wooden pieces to your workbench but can only clamp three of the project’s four corners?

Now you can secure all four corners by making a corner clamp!

Plywood that lifts up without a clamp to secure it.
The three corner problem causes the plywood to lift up, making the project difficult to work with.

The Three-Corner Problem

When you’re tackling a woodworking project, and you’re laying pieces of wood on a workbench, it’s common for the project to be significantly shorter than the bench’s length or width.

This presents a problem when you need to clamp down a project after gluing several pieces. After all, it’s easy to clamp three corners that are flush with the workbench’s edges.

However, what do you do about the fourth corner that rests, not on an edge of the workbench, but at the center?

You probably don’t have a clamp that can extend from the workbench’s edge to that fourth corner, which may be one or two feet away.

That’s why you need to make a corner clamp.

Joe Truini creating a corner clamp
By creating this corner clamp, the plywood is secure and you don’t have to worry about your project shifting!

How to Make a Wooden Corner Clamp

First, get a scrap of wood that’s big enough to cover the entire project and position it at a 45-degree angle so it overlaps the workbench.

Then, grab another scrap of wood, take some screws and drill them into both sides of that first wood scrap. The size screw you should use varies by the project.

Simply alternate tightening each of the screws a little bit at a time so they stay even until they are fastened to the workbench.

Keep tightening the screws until they are almost or completely driven into the workbench.

Once the screws pull tight, your workpiece will be stable and won’t go anywhere thanks to your makeshift corner clamp!

Now, with all four corners clamped, you can work without worrying about your workpiece shifting or slipping out from under you.

Watch the video above for more information!

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