One way to maximize the storage space you have in your basement or garage is to look overhead. In this case we were looking for storage space to accommodate different sized woodworking clamps. For smaller clamps we simply drove a few 6-penny nails into an overhead beam.

Storing a pipe clamp or bar clamp required more space, so we took a 1/2″ metal pipe floor flange, screwed it into the beam, and then slipped a shim underneath it so that it would tip back slightly. Using a 12″ long 1/2″ thick threaded steel pipe, we screwed the pipe into the flange, then pipe a pipe cap on the end to protect the threads.

The bar and pipe clamps then simply slide onto the storage rod. This system is very accessible and can be used for skis, fishing poles, boat oars, patio umbrellas etc.

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Joe Truini

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