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May 8, 2023

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    High-quality windows are a mark of a great property, but sometimes they fail, or you suddenly find yourself in need of a replacement without any way to contact the original company that installed them in the 1980s or 1990s. 

    Fenster is there to have your back through this process. Offering easy window replacement kits and components, this company works to ensure nobody has to deal with mismatched or ugly windows.

    These are the top things to know about this fantastic company and why we’re so proud to spotlight Fenster.

    Who Is Fenster?

    Fenster is an Indiana-based online retailer that offers window replacement kits and components. With a serious understanding of the importance of a job being done well and in a timely manner, Fenster makes sure that no job is left half-finished or pending.

    After being in the business for over 20 years, Fenster has created a large line of products with a clear step-by-step process that helps homeowners determine what they need and ensures that professionals can install them beautifully. 

    These products are made and sold in the USA, allowing for more job growth and better reliability when it comes to checking quality and value. Fenster has proved time and time again that they’re willing to put everything into their products, and their customers are reaping the rewards!

    What Do They Offer?

    Fenster offers a large range of products to ensure they can cover whatever parts of a replacement window you need help with. These kits are made to be able to replicate the look and shape of both common and uncommon windows and their casements from the late 1900s through to today. 

    Some of their offerings are casement window sashes and double-hung window parts, as well as balance and rebuild kits. They also offer hardware that ensures even the locks and interior of your window will match with the others on this property. 

    Fenster has a keen eye for detail, which ensures that they’re able to offer anything that you need and match to the exact shape and size in ways that other companies simply can’t.

    Their Four-Step Order Process

    Fenster’s main prize is its four-step easy order process. This allows them to walk any customer through buying the right window and ensures that they’re happy with what they’re getting before they pay.

    Step One

    Step one is their products tab, which gives you an in-depth look at what they offer, their pricing for each of their options, and how they’ll ship it to you. This allows you to check and make sure they offer what you need before you have to talk to anyone, saving you time and hassle.

    Step Two

    From here, you can go through their sash model catalog. This massive selection of brands and styles helps you identify what type of hurd windows or another brand you’re replacing and what they can offer to get as humanly close as possible to the original brand. Many of these companies aren’t even in business anymore, making this one of the only places to buy a version of their products.

    Step Three

    Step three is when you submit your order! This lets Fenster Windows know what you need and gets them prepared to help find your perfect fit for your order.

    Step Four

    In step four, they get back to you! This is usually within a day and allows them to ask questions about your needs to verify you’re getting the right kit and then finalize the purchase so they can mail it out to you. This saves you a lot of time that could be wasted if you bought the wrong kit by accident.

    Where to Find Fenster?

    Fenster is currently an online-only retailer, but they offer their products easily through their four-step process, so it’s accessible to anyone. This is a USA-based and made company, which means you don’t have to wait for long shipping times, and you can work with a company that understands your exact needs and questions. You can find them at their site FensterUSA, where they’d love to help.

    We’re Proud to Spotlight Fenster.

    Fenster has a great team of workers who understand the importance of a job well done, and that shows in every window replacement kit they sell. If you want a seamlessly matching window that looks fantastic and works for the property it’s on: it’s time to contact Fenster. From the value of what they offer to their quick turnaround times and access to customer service when it’s needed, you’ll never find another company that can do what they do. They’ll be more excited to help you out.

    Their Service and Awesome Products Make Them Amazing

    Whether you need to replace multiple windows or just one: Fenster is there to ensure the job gets done the first time correctly. Consider some of their awesome products and their great services the next time you need a window replacement! 

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