Black and white designs are considered simple, timeless, and effective. While these colors strongly contrast, their neutrality makes them surprisingly versatile across various design styles, from classical to modern. 

Black window frames can provide a striking accent against light exterior walls. In this article, I’ll showcase designs incorporating black windows and white exterior paint to help inspire your next exterior design project. 

1. Glass and Lines

This modern home uses a white, orange, and beige palette with textures. The large black-framed windows across the home’s upper floors have two key design functions. They balance the light colors on the rest of the house, and the black complements the warm and cool exterior hues. 

In addition, the contrast draws your eyes to the windows, helping convey the home’s scale. Using black windows in this way can make the windows appear larger than using white frames in your design. 

2. Simple & Suburban

This home has a striking structure, with a low-swept roof on one half and a steep roof on the other. The window and paint choices serve as a great contrast to this design. 

The black window frames also match the door, the roof trim, and the gutters. The result is an eye-catching effect that emphasizes the home’s unique features. The white backdrop allows for the black accents to stand out even more.

3. Classic Contrast

If your home has a colonial design or is looking to achieve this look, a good way to do so is by using a simple color scheme. This example makes use of a whitewashed exterior and a dark roof. The matching black window frames are key in balancing the home’s design. This is because they contrast with the white paint but match the color of the roof. 

This is just one example of incorporating black windows into farmhouse designs. Overall, I find that this design element is a great way to showcase the beauty of colonial-style homes.

4. Vibrant and Modern

This modern home uses a black, white, and vibrant orange palette. While the contrast between the black frames and the white exterior is striking, it is more subtle due to the low profile of the window frames. 

Black frames beautifully complement bright accent colors like orange, in my experience. This is because the black grounds these dramatic hues and helps create visual excitement. Large windows also help maximize this bold contrast. 

5. Broad Glass Panels

This modern home’s design emphasizes sweeping artistic lines and broad glass panels. The result is a modern home with a uniquely cubic look. Black, white, and brown are dramatically color-blocked across the exterior. 

The black window frames are matched with the doors and other fixtures in a way that balances out the three-tone color scheme. Black also works as a way to unify the look of the windows. 

6. Rustic Cabin

In my experience, black window frames are a great choice for cabins as they suit the natural, cozy look. One example is this home, which combines black accents and white siding. The matching black windows pair with the roof and gutters to create a balanced look.

The colors enhance the rustic character of cabins or modern rustic farmhouses. Black is also a great color choice to complement wood and stone.

7. Angles and Textures

This modern home is a great example of how to use contrast effectively. The color palette, the sharp angle of the roof, and the overall cubic design make this an eye-catching house. But the black windows elevate the design even further.

The unique black window pattern creates a strong color contrast with the rest of the house. In addition, it brings a unique texture to the home’s facade and draws the viewer’s eyes toward the door of the home. 

So, Should I Choose Black Window Frames for My White House? 

Choosing black and white for your exterior design is a good choice because of their versatility. Black strongly contrasts most colors, making it ideal for visual emphasis. It also complements various exterior paint colors while giving an upscale appearance. White is a great neutral hue that complements most color palettes without clashing.  

Black window frames, in particular, can help create contrast against white wall colors. This high-contrast look is great for classical and modern homes. Incorporating black windows into your home’s design is a great way to add elegance while boosting curb appeal. If this upgrade sounds like an ideal one for your home, you can begin by researching the cost of replacing your home’s windows

FAQs About Black Frames on White Houses

Should you match the color of your exterior windows?

It is best to match the color of your exterior windows to create a unified look. Using black and white window frames could result in a disjointed design. If you want different window frame colors, choose carefully to create a contrasting look.

Do black frames accent brick facades?

Black frames beautifully complement red brick. The contrast creates a classic and stately aesthetic, which also helps the brick details stand out.  Black can also define white or gray bricks.

What color doors coordinate with black window frames?

Using a black door will create a unified look across the exterior of your home. I have also found that red and blue painted doors can work well with brick exteriors and black frames.

Should roof color be considered with black window frames?

In my experience, it is best to consider your roof color if you want to add black window frames to your home. Black roofing could cause the windows to blend into the roof or create a unified look across the house, depending on the placement of the window. Lighter roofs may need more discreet black framing to avoid overwhelming contrast.

Are black window frames more expensive?

Black frames cost about the same as white ones. However,  specialty black finishes, like brushed bronze, may add slightly to the overall cost.

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