Today’s Addition Window and Door Installation

Today's Addition Windows

Octagonal Window over breakfast bar

Our Today’s Addition master bedroom project moved one step closer to completion with the installation of the windows and doors. The addition has four large casement windows that crank out to allow plenty of morning light and fresh air into the room.

A smaller octagonal window over the breakfast bar provides a design focal point. Double glass doors opening onto the deck will allow the homeowners to step outside and greet the new day.

Window and Door Specs

The windows and doors we used feature argon-filled insulated glass with a Low-E coating and dual weather stripping for high energy efficiency. They come with a 20-year warranty and are constructed of solid pine that has been pressure treated to prevent decay, termite infestation, and water absorption. The exterior is clad in aluminum for durability while the natural wood interior may be painted or stained to match other woodwork.

Installing Windows and Doors

Double doors leading to deck

After the window units have been set in place and leveled, they are checked to be sure they are square. This is done by measuring diagonally from the top of the casing to the bottom of the sill in both directions. The window is square if the two diagonal measurements are the same.

The window unit is then nailed in place through the perforated vinyl strip around the outside of the facing. To further secure the unit, shims are inserted in the gap between the studs and window casings and nails driven through the casings into the framing.

The double doors to the deck were mounted on top of the treated 2×4 sole plate, rather than level with the slab, to leave room for the Uponor radiant heating system that will be installed under the flooring.

special foil tape to prevent the infiltration of air and moisture

As a final barrier against the elements, the nailing strip on the outside of the windows and doors was covered with a special foil tape to prevent the infiltration of air and moisture.

Now that our addition is all buttoned up, we’re ready to get started on the interior while the brick masons tackle the outside walls. Don’t forget that you can follow all of the Today’s Addition progress.


  1. I have a question. I live in a double wide Mobile Home that was built in 1996, it has windows with a storm windows, all one piece. I live in the Florida Panhandle and during the winter if you put your hand near the window where it is screwed into the house you can feel the draft and I guess in the summer some heat also comes in. Is there an easy way to insulate it so air does not come through without taking the window out. I would just appreciate some help so my electric bills are lowered.
    In the living room are double wide windows but the others are single.

  2. see i live in a old wooden house and I would like to put new windoors in it can you tell me how Thank you

  3. 8/19, Allen Texas. I caught the end of your show today and I thought I heard Danny say you had covered how to clear up double pain windows that had gotten cloudy. Was that correct> Where can I find out how to do that? Thanks, Ray

  4. I live in a double wide mobile home and I love the interior. I’d like to improve the outside especially around the windows and doors. I see screws where the they were put in. Is the something I can do to enhance that look. I’d like to make the windows look longer. I have vinly siding. Also, Id like to take my storm door off, but my husband is afraid of what is under it. Can you help or tell me someone who can. I’m a do-it-yourselfer. Thanks

  5. I have to install entry doors to new wood since my house was repaired since hurricane katrina. My contractor just quit towards the end of the job and now I have a partially finished house. The most major part now is installing wooden doors because the openings are not the same as the sizes of the new doors. We had to buy wooden doors so that they can be cut to size, my question is how to install them correctly. do you have any help for this problem…..thanks in advance…..desperate in new orleans

  6. I want to add 2nd floor in my house. But I dont want to move. Is this okay to do that?
    What is your suggestions.Pls. let me know.

  7. Hi:

    You talked about how to change a lock without a locksmith. You said something about quick set lock and a tiny (like) screwdriver to re-key. Can I get more information about that???

    Enjoyed your show today. First time I have seen it. Thanks


  8. We have an older home with windows that have no storm windows,some with newer windows that were not installed properly? and have moisture between the panes. An entry door that has air rushing around the whole frame -very cold. We can not replace them now, any solutions for a get through the winter? What is the best energy efficient doors and windows for NW OH country winds?


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