Houses with black windows have a striking, contemporary appearance. Many modern home types, from ranches to farmhouses, use dark-framed windows as an architectural feature.

Today, you’ll be looking at 9 modern black farmhouse window ideas, where you can get inspiration on how to incorporate black into your farmhouse. 

1. White Siding With Black Features And Dark-Grey Roofing


White sidings look clean and polished. To complement its appeal, you can paint your window panes black and pair them with black tinted glass. Additionally, you can balance the whole look with dark-grey roofing and other black accents. 

Darker-colored roofs absorb most of the heat from the sun and transport it into the rooms below, making them ideal for cold weather during the winter season.

2. Black Trims


A subtle, elegant look is achieved by using monochromatic siding and trim. Black exterior trim on a white home highlights architectural elements for a more contemporary appearance.

In contrast to the white sidings on your farmhouse, the black trims make doors, windows, and garage gates stand out. Top it off with a light grey roof, and you have a three-tone color palette for your farmhouse exterior.

3. Tan-Brown Siding With Black Roofing And Cedar-Brown Trims


Give your farmhouse a vintage feel by painting it with tan-brown sidings. It works well with board and batten to give a warm aesthetic to your exterior. Pair it with cedar-brown trims for your trims to add more to the effect.

Using black for your roofing will be useful during cold weather, as mentioned earlier, but in addition to that, the black roofing blends well with the dark-colored trims.

4. Neutral Siding Color Scheme With Black Window Panes And Ash-Black Roofing


There’s nothing wrong with having a neutral color scheme for your exterior sidings. It’s a go-to option when painting a modern farmhouse. But if you want to make things more interesting, add some black features.

You can design a few trims to add a subtle outline to your window panes or door frames. Complete your farmhouse’s overall look with an ash-black roof to compliment the light color scheme for a balanced finish.

5. Light Pastel Two-Tone With Minimal Black Trims


Minimal black trimmings on window panes and door frames give a historic farmhouse a contemporary spin. For a refreshing touch to your outside, choose beige and white for the two-tone sidings, surrounded by vibrant flora and vegetation.

The black trimmings offer a delicate edge to your farmhouse’s divides and create shape in natural light. Other dark-colored details, such as your entryway, porch accents, or pillars, contribute to the appearance of your farmhouse’s shape.

6. Black With Brown Undertone Overhaul


Are you looking for a way to make your farmhouse stand out? How about a full overhaul? Paint your entire farmhouse black with a brown undertone for an aesthetic like no other. This design strays from traditional farmhouse exteriors, making it stand out from the rest.

Because of the dark overall appearance, it makes your interior pop when viewed from the outside. And to complement the dull impression, your front yard, porch, and other house features add color for a solid finish.

7. Neutral Color Scheme With Black Window Panes


Are you looking to add some depth to your exterior without using too many vibrant colors? You can achieve that by using neutral colors for your statement color and your roofing. To add some interest to your trims, you can use dull pastel colors like cedar-brown. 

Additionally, to add more definition to your farmhouse’s exterior, make your window panes black as a final touch. The overall appearance of your farmhouse should draw more attention than usual when bystanders pass by.

8. Bright Sidings With Black And Brown Features


You don’t have to use minimal colors to create a modern facade for your farmhouse. Having white sidings offers a cool and crisp look. As seen in the example above, mixed siding textures add to the effect. 

The chocolate brown trims and features paired with the bright-colored sidings give off a warm and welcoming vibe. It pairs nicely with the natural landscape. Additionally, using black from a few other trim details and your roofing makes everything fit into place without overpowering the siding color scheme.

9. White And Light-Grey Two-Tone With Graphite Black Trims And Roofing


Perhaps you’re looking for a neutral finish with moody accents. Today is your lucky day. Using white and light-grey for a two-tone finish for your farmhouse sidings offers a modern aesthetic to your farmhouse’s architecture.

Although the neutral two-tone looks dull and lifeless on its own, you can balance everything out with graphite-black accents. You can paint the trims, roofing, and other farmhouse features to add to the effect for a neutral, modern finish.

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