Window trims are an important architectural feature of the window system and a key element of the home decor design because of their decorative appeal and functions.


If you’re planning to spruce up your house’s exterior and interiors effectively, it’s essential to know the suitable window trim design for your preference and needs.

Here are seven incredible farmhouse window trim ideas you can consider. Read on to help you decide which one best reflects your personality and your home’s overall feel.

1. White Trim for Black Windows in a Neutral-Colored Room

White Trim for Black Windows in a Neutral-Colored Room

Incorporating a white trim for the black windows create a crisp and clean exterior design to this to welcoming farmhouse. It also draws the eye towards the room’s focal features: the windows. The white trim also blends well with the room’s neutral color palette. In addition, the rattan blinds add a natural element and texture to the overall design.

2. Wooden Crown Molding and Interior Window Trim

Wooden Crown Molding and Interior Window Trim

The wooden crown molding and interior window trim outline and provide significant visual interest to the architectural details. The window trim and baseboards also have a large impact on the window’s individual look by giving a clean-edged look. In addition, the natural wood’s earthy elements bring warmth and depth, making this farmhouse welcoming. The unique chair also adds personality while also complementing the room’s design.

3. Sleek, White Trim for an Awning Window

Sleek, White Trim for an Awning Window

Using a white trim for the awning window adds brightness to the sleek and clean minimalist farmhouse kitchen. It also highlights and draws attention to the windows. The white color coordinates well with the kitchen cabinets and subway pattern tile backsplash design, creating uniformity. In addition, the awning window allows ample natural light to flow inside the room and gives an excellent view of the greenery landscape outdoors while providing security.

4. Offset White Trim and Casing for Vertical Sliding Windows

Offset White Trim and Casing for Vertical Sliding Windows

The white trim and casing for the vertical sliding windows create an open and peaceful ambiance for the room. Having the same color with touches of neutral hues for the walls and other architectural features and furnishings blends the overall look together. The flower-patterned curtain draws attention to the windows and helps showcase the beautiful nature outside. In addition, the windowsill plant and other decors bring style and depth to the space.

5. Black Trim for the Horizontal Slider

Black Trim for the Horizontal Slider

The black trim frames and outlines the horizontal slider windows’ details perfectly. The bold color contrasts nicely against the creamy-white wall and curtains, making the windows pop up. In addition, the black trim adds sophistication and personality to the space, making a bold statement.

Adding touches of neutral hues like leather brown and light gray also adds warmth and depth to the farmhouse interior room design. The neutral color scheme creates an overall luxurious feel to the minimalistic style.

6. Vaulted Ceiling With White Trimmed Windows

Vaulted Ceiling With White Trimmed Windows

The vaulted ceiling with white trimmed windows purposely catches the eyes and draws them toward the architectural feature—creating a focal point. The white shiplap ceilings also provide a modern and sophisticated ambiance. In addition, adding a splash of neutral color, light gray, for the furnishings add depth and texture to amplify the interior design. The open vaulted ceilings also showcase the beautiful landscaping outside and allow natural light to brighten the farmhouse’s living room.

7. Rustic, Wooden Window Trim and Casing


Incorporating a wooden window trim and casing complements the farmhouse’s wooden walls, making a rustic and wild interior design. It also makes the glass windows pop up, taking center stage in the space. The blue chair and bedsheets add subtle modernity to the traditional rustic farmhouse vibe. In addition, the combination of the natural wood’s earth tones and the pop of blue color creates an interesting visual appeal and depth.

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