The Kitchen Customized for Your Needs

The Projects

Remove the Half-Wall

The home is much more open and inviting without that awkward half-wall.

We cut the drywall cleanly at the end of the half-wall where the demolition will end.

Then we remove all of the trim board so we can remove all of the drywall off the studs.

Next, we remove the final support, install the new drywall, and add joint compound so Whit and Andrea can paint the area.

Afterward, we have to replace flooring where the half-wall used to be.

The subfloor is rough, but that’s OK because we have Custom Building Products’ SpeedFinish, a floor patch the dries within 15 minutes.

Moving the Island

Adding ‘legs’ to the island gives it more detail and visual interest.

We’re going to shift the kitchen island over so that the family has more space between it and the refrigerator.
Fortunately, it was held to the floor with glue, so it was easy to move.

As a bonus blessing, there was flooring underneath the island, so we won’t have to install new flooring.

Chelsea noticed that moving the island also meant moving an exposed trash can closer to the living room, so she wants to build a cabinet to hide that container.
The trash can cabinet will let the Qualls family hide all their trash in plain sight.

Chelsea and Andrea paint the cabinets using the HomeRight paint sprayer and the HomeRight Spray Shelter to prevent overspray from touching surrounding items.


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