How to Fill Flooring Voids with Luxury Vinyl Planks

Danny Lipford installs luxury vinyl plank flooring
Matching the flooring’s surrounding pattern will provide a seamless transition from the replacement piece to the rest of the floor.

When you remove a wall that once covered luxury vinyl planks, it leaves a void on the floor.

So, you’ll need to match the planks’ surrounding pattern, not just patch the hole, to repair the spot.

To do that, remove short pieces of flooring from either side of the void and fill the void with new pieces.

We heated the luxury vinyl plank floor and the glue under it with a hairdryer as we peeled it up — that seems to be the best process to remove the flooring.

Occasionally, we had to make a cut in an installed piece of flooring before removing part of it. Whether you have to do this depends on the room’s layout.

Next, we have to apply a masonry floor patch, and it needs to be flush with the rest of the slab.

Before applying any adhesive, we dry-fit the new luxury vinyl planks so we can mark and make any necessary cuts.

We can cut this particular product with a utility knife, which really speeds up the process.

The manufacturer of these planks recommends the glue we are using, and this kind of adhesive requires a small V or U notched trowel for application.

After the adhesive sets for five minutes, we begin installing the replacement flooring.

As the luxury vinyl planks go down, we apply plenty of pressure to ensure the adhesive grabs the planks.

Clean up the excess adhesive as you go to avoid tracking it around the home.


    • If it is the plank type and you have spare pieces, take up the shoe nearest the damage and remove planks until you get to the damaged one.
      Replace it and then the others back to the wall – then replace shoe mold.
      Floating sheet vinyl is trickier — if you have extra material, you can cut a patch from it (try to match the pattern in the damaged section.)
      To secure it the rest of the sheet, you’ll need to remove the shoe mold nearest the damage and roll back the vinyl to the damage.
      Then you can use carpet tape or something similar to secure the patch to the back of the vinyl sheet.
      Good luck!

  1. Does anyone on the Gold Coast do repairs to parquet floors ?
    I have some squares that need replacing, and then the whole lot needs resurfacing .


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