Refreshing a Vintage Home’s Eighties Exterior

In this episode, we’re bringing a vintage 80s brick home into this decade with an exterior refresh.

Homeowner Kim Hetzman and her three children live in this home that her children have deemed ‘the hot dog stand.’ (The nickname comes from the awnings that resemble a hot dog kiosk.) Needless to say, Kim is ready for a change and we’re more than happy to help!

Limewashing the House

To make Kim’s home stand out and boost its curb appeal, we limewashed the exterior bricks.

Limewash is a mix of lime, minerals and water that applies directly to brick and actually soaks into the brick instead of sitting on top of it. It’s easy to apply and creates a beautiful rustic look on any brick surface.

The brick needs to be wet before applying the limewash. We used a sprayer to apply the limewash to speed up the process a little bit, but this can also be done with a masonry brush.

After letting it dry for about 15 minutes then you can go back and remove some of the limewash with water in selected spots.


Building New Shutters

Kim and Chelsea build new cedar shutters for Kim’s home. They look timeless and add some vintage charm.

Chelsea creates a jig using a few stop blocks to slide the shutter components in place and so she won’t have to measure every piece. The shutters are built upside down; this way, no nail holes are noticeable!

We build the shutters from three 1-by-6 cedar boards across and, using the same width, one 1-by-4 at the top and bottom. The diagonal accent piece is also 1-by-4.

When assembling the shutters, place the smooth side of the cedar down so it faces out once completed. Once all the boards are in place, Chelsea attaches the screws in from behind — this way, no nail heads will show on the outside of the shutter.

Note: Be sure the screws aren’t too long because the tip can come out of the front side of the shutter and ruin the project!

blair's nursery landscaping

New Landscaping from Blair’s Nursery

To finish off Kim’s curb appeal update, we had help from our friends at Blair’s Nursery, a nursery located right here in Mobile, Alabama.

Owner, Blair Kovar, helps us create a beautiful landscape plan for Kim’s home that is low maintenance and accents the home.

Kim’s landscaping includes a variety of plants and flowers that you can check out at

Homeowner Kim Hetzman with danny and chelsea

Production Thoughts

When we first arrived at Kim Hetzman’s home, or ‘hot dog stand’ as her three kids called it, it was a home in great shape for a 30-year-old home but didn’t fit her personality.

It was dated and dull but just needed some love added to it. Now the house is lighter, brighter and full of character thanks to the limewash added to the bricks. The rustic cedar shutters add warmth to the house making it comfortable and cozy.

The new landscaping adds depth and color that enhances Kim’s curb appeal!

Special Thanks:

  • Romabio
  • Blair’s Nursery & Gifts

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