How to Build Farmhouse Shutters

We’re making farmhouse shutters from three pieces of pressure-treated 1-by-6 yellow pine.

By gang-cutting all three vertical pieces to length at one time, we speed up the process and ensure identical dimensions.

Depending on the size and your preference, you can use two or three horizontal pieces to join the verticals together. These shorter pieces can also be gang cut to save time.

We’re assembling the shutters upside down so we can conceal the fasteners by driving them in from the back.

We apply waterproof wood glue to each horizontal piece, slide it into position under the verticals, and then drive 1 and 1/4-inch coated deck screws through the verticals and into the horizontal piece.

Once the shutters are assembled, we sand them down to round off the edges and remove any splinters before we apply a wood stain to the front surface.

Next, we apply two coats of spar urethane to seal and protect the shutters before we install them on the house. 

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  1. I built some board and batten shutters last year for my 1926 cottage. I wanted something different to go on my old cedar shake cottage. I call them Rustic Cottage….due to the fact that now that I have them up, I can see a few of the boards aren’t exactly the same size….that is where the ‘rustic’ comes in. I painted mine blue to put on my yellow house. So simple and so cheap!! Love them and the fact that I could make them myself. I just love a cheerful house!

    PS I enjoy reading your blogs!

  2. I saw only a part of this episode on fox20 montgomery on December 7, 2019. I cant find it in your videos to watch the complete episode of front porch makeover. Can you help me?


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