How to Install Screw Hooks Fast

Screw hooks are great for hanging up tools and other items in your workshop or garage. Here’s a fast and easy way to power drive screw hooks into a wall stud or ceiling joist using a drill and screw eye.

To power drive screw hooks:

  • Drill a pilot hole a bit smaller in diameter than the screw hook shank.
  • Start the screw hook in the hole.
  • Chuck a screw eye in a variable speed drill.
  • Slide the eye over the screw hook.
  • Use the drill on low speed to drive the screw hook.

You can also reverse the procedure to install screw eyes by chucking a screw hook in the drill. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: Screw hooks are great for hanging up all sorts of items around the shop, the garage, even the basement. Simply a big steel hook with wood threads. The challenge is if you have more than one or two of these hooks to drive in how do you do it quickly and without tiring your arms or your wrists?

The first trick is to always bore a pilot hole first, just drill a hole slightly smaller in diameter than the shaft. And then, to drive it all the way in, we’re going to use a screw eye, which is simply an enclosed eye, not a hook, that you can chuck into a drill.

We’re going to power drive that hook right into the wall. Tighten it up, and then use the eye. So just hook it on to the hook, pull back slightly, and run the drill in a forward direction. There you go.

And it’s okay that it’s not perfectly vertical because you can come back with a screwdriver and straighten it right out. And these come in all different sizes, so you can hang up pretty much anything.


  1. Thank you! That video was super helpful for an un-handy girl like me. Just drill a hole that’s slightly smaller than the hook — makes sense! I didn’t try using a screw eye this time, but I think I’ll give it a go next time around.

  2. How do you attach that screw hook to a concrete ceiling to hang plants? What concrete anchor/sleeve does that screw hook fit into?

    • Hi, Bess,
      Need more information about this topic? Connect one-on-one with a home improvement pro immediately through JustAnswer, a Today’s Homeowner partner:
      Good luck with those screw hooks! 🙂


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