Hanging Out with the Crew of Today’s Homeowner

Today’s Homeowner would not be what it is today without the help of my great cast and crew. Producer Scott Gardner, co-host Allen Lyle, and cameraman Brad Rodgers have all been with me for many years now. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. Bathroom update project not as easy as we thought.!
    Hi, to fill you in and to get advice, we just closed on a house in Citrus County Fl. and we are updating the home as most or all of everything that was here is still here or as was when built in 1992, this being 2018.
    The main bath of the home, was covered with wallpaper , the paper had been painted over , and starting to detach from the wall. So being the new home owners, we decided to remove the paper. we watched a few youtube videos, how to do so, and all made to look so easy of course. so we took our butts to Lowes, get a score, adhesive remover and paint rollers and paint tray, just like in the video we went with. Came home and started in…. well the wallpaper was put on with tons of adhesive, and when we took off paper we was digging into the brown paper on the drywall wall itself, completley striped down to all brown. how can we fix this or is it fixable? i ahve had companies to come and tell us this or that we ask how much and we get, we will call later and give you a estimate. not to be heard from again. is it that bad?

    • Hi, Bonnie & Derek,

      Danny says, “Generally, the remedy is to spread or to apply a thin coat of joint compound over the entire surface of the wall. Over all the affected areas. Allow to dry, then lightly sand.

      “In most cases, it would require a second coat to obtain the smooth finish you will be looking for. More sanding will be required and then I would recommend you use a ¾-inch nap roller when applying your finished paint.

      Good luck!”


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