DIY Tips on How to Repair and Maintain Your Home

Watch this video for some simple DIY tips on how to repair and maintain your home, including:

    • Toilet Repair: How to adjust the float, replace the flapper, and replace and adjust the chain on your toilets.
    • Hot Water Heater Maintenance: How to drain a hot water heater to remove sediment.
    • HVAC Maintenance: How to maintain your heating and cooling system by replacing the air filter and cleaning the condensation line.
    • Closet Door Adjustment: How to adjust bifold closet doors so they open and close easily.
    • Window Screen Replacement: How to replace damaged window screens.
    • Drywall Repair: How to repair a hole in drywall.
  • Paint Stuck Windows: How to open paint stuck windows.

Read episode article to find out more.

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  1. What was the cleaner used to clean up a little spilled paint? It was for inside, something not normally used for clean up of small spilled or a drop of paint. It was a tip while on commercial. He said every painted should keep in painters . Love your show!


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