How to Make a Cupcake Pan Organizer

The problem with storing fasteners in a shoebox or coffee can is that it creates a mess and makes it hard to find anything.

Instead, use a cupcake pan and separate your washers, nuts and screws so that they are easy to find.

To prevent the organizer from falling over or taking up valuable space in your garage or workshop, consider storing it on the underside of a workbench.

Measure the overhang on the side of the cupcake pan and then using a couple of 1×2’s to create a cleat that you can then screw to the underside of the workbench.

Place two of these cleats far enough apart that it produces a track that the cupcake organizer can easily slide in and out of.


  1. When someones wins a contest out of state who pays for trans , food and lodging or do you use local people. Thanks

    • Hi, Bonnie!
      We cover the company’s transportation, food and lodging when the show goes on the road.
      Thanks for your question!


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