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In this special, two-part series of the home improvement television show Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford®, host Danny Lipford oversees the dramatic transformation of a dated, cramped bathroom that had changed little in decades, into a large, luxurious master bath — complete with dressing area and personal closet — that is a perfect balance of sensual indulgence and practical functionality.

Today’s Bathroom after renovation is complete.
Today’s Bathroom after renovation is complete.

Today’s Bath Project in Progress

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Finished Today’s Bath Project


Today’s Bath Floor Plan


Today’s Bath Episode Articles

Beyond the Bath Vanity When 5 ft. by 9 ft. was an average-sized bath, even for the masters of the house, the one real cabinet in the bath was a 30-in. high rectangle about 16 in. to 20 in. deep and 36 in. to 72 in. long — the vanity. Oh how times have changed.

There has been a quiet revolution in bath ventilation fans over the years — literally. Although fans work much the same way as they have for more than 50 years, today’s fans have several features that make them quieter, smarter and less obtrusive.

Elegant, Practical Closet Storage If you are still relying on the shelf-and-pole assembly in the closets in your home, there are several new options that maximize and customize your storage space.

Windows In The Bath Bathrooms in the past typically relied on a small, sliding window for light for fear of losing privacy. Privacy is still important, but today’s master suites simply need more light than baths in the past. 

The (Unspeakable) Bathroom Fixture The toilet doesn’t get a lot of attention when advice is handed out on picking out fixtures for the bath. Here are some valuable tips that will help you purchase a toilet that you’re happy with for years to come and locate it in a new or remodeled bath.

Choosing a Hydrotherapy Tub Call them spas, whirlpools, or jetted tubs; but what you’re describing is a bath tub that offers hydrotherapy — everything from just a good warm soak to the caress of air and the massage of circulating water.

Today’s Bath designed by Cheryl Kees Clendenon of In Detail Kitchen and Bath.

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