How to Unclog a Tub Drain

There are a variety of home remedies for clogged drains that don’t require commercial products. One of the easiest drain cleaning solutions makes use of an ordinary plunger.

First, plug the overflow holes on the overflow plate with a rag and then use a plunger to quickly free up the drain. Plugging the overflow holes will ensure that all of the plunging power goes directly to the clog and not out through the overflow holes.


  1. I retiled bathroom near tub, I believe grout or either caulk may have gotten in drain, because the drain is draining extremely slow. I’ve tried drain cleaners and one home remedies and uger and I want to know is there any other chemical I can use that will not damage pipes.. Original piping, house was built in “1964”. I know I should consult a plumber but I simply don’t have the money right now…

  2. I don’t have a solution to their problem, but here’s mines. We retired with no money otherthan our pension, so money flow is limited. We purchased a brick ranch home in the country (a real do it yourself fix-upper). We have a clog or blockage in the kitchen sink (double sink) the water will go out very slowly. We’ve tried the plugger and different chemicals encluding liquid fire but so far our problem is still here. Any suggestion short of hiring a pro
    with money we done have. My kitchen is spacious and also my family room everything else is small. I have 3 closets very small, one in each bedroom and a linen closet. We thought about taking the wall out between the the bdrms, but that would elimanate all 3 closets they make up the wall. Any suggestion would be appreicated.

  3. I have where if the toilet gets flushed before taking a shower, the tub will back flow the water at the base of the toilet. I think it has gone as far as to the bathroom sink also. I have ran a snake ~ which was 15 ft. ~ down the overflow in the tub and there was nothing. Tried to snake the toilet and couldn’t seem to get it to go to far. I have also had the toilet overflow.

    I am wondering if there is a clog that seems to move in the sink/toilet/tub area? I was wondering if the Green Gobbler could be the answer?? A plumber came and ran a snake ONLY down the vent from the roof. Did not snake the tub or toilet. Please help.


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