Traditionally, board and batten siding comprises long, wide boards with narrower battens placed over them. This creates an aesthetic, textured, and layered effect that has been a popular trend for the exteriors of homes and other buildings for decades.

Board and batten metal siding recreates a timeless look in the toughest, most durable, longest-lasting siding material possible. If you don’t know how to incorporate metal board and batten siding in your property, here are 13 house design ideas that will inspire you to create your unique style.

1. Modern Rustic House Design

So what exactly is modern rustic style?

Well, it’s a design style that combines elements from a wide range of different periods and trends. The modern rustic design is almost like the “log cabin” of the metal siding world. Because of their weathered appearance that mimics regular wood grain, metal board and batten sidings are a great way of getting the log cabin look but with minimal maintenance requirements. 

You can even get your siding in rust-colored hues or customized to match your home’s exterior.

This style is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of nature to their home’s exterior with durable siding.

2. Simple Country-Style


This multi-theme exterior home design is one of those house styles that will quickly capture your interest. The unique roofline of this home is one of its most outstanding characteristics. The roof is clad in standing seam metal, a sleek material that accentuates the shape of the roofline perfectly.

To keep the metal material from overwhelming the design, stone and plaster are used on the lower half of the home to create opposite angles with different textures and finishes.

This simple country-style house design is also a great way to get creative. If you have an old house but love modern design, mix things up using modern materials on classic architectural features. By using different materials on different areas of your home’s exterior, you’ll create opposite angles that play up its unique shape.

3. Sophisticated Farmhouse


The sophisticated farmhouse look is gaining popularity in this generation. It’s a way to make a classic and traditional farmhouse home feels more modern and contemporary without taking away from its iconic appeal.

A farmhouse-style home looks stunning with board and batten siding. It’s an excellent approach to elevate the farmhouse, making it feel more appealing and unique. The house has the perfect amount of minimalism to look clean and straightforward.

The vertical metal siding design can be carried through to the roofing materials. The lines on that metal roof are designed to seem like the boards and battens have correlated styles.

Metal board and batten siding are classic designs that add depth and dimension to your home.

The sophisticated farmhouse style will absolutely make your house stand out in the neighborhood.

Tip: To increase your house’s curb appeal, the warm color of the siding should match the dark-colored roof. Adding red trims to your exterior will also boost the appearance of your home.

4. Pastel-Colored Siding


Vertical siding is often the best option for pitched roofs because it highlights the horizontal ceiling lines and the tapered roof. The pastel green siding paired with a dark green roof makes this house look relaxing. This approach makes the house look homey, elegant, and perfect for vacation houses near the woods.

5. Simple Off-White


Some of the most charming farmhouse exteriors offer a subtle nod to the past but still maintain a contemporary feel. For instance, consider using the metal board and batten siding if you want your farmhouse to have a modern take on the classic barn aesthetic.

For contemporary-styled farmhouses, you’ll want to create the illusion that it’s longer and wider, as ranch houses tend to be. Metal board and batten siding in a pale off-white tone can help you achieve this effect by broadening the horizon of your home.

Try incorporating any wooden exterior house feature and a roof color that complements the white siding for a more appealing look.

6. Rustic Red Farmhouse


If you’re looking for a farmhouse that looks like the real deal, this is the one. Reinvent the look of your home with this fresh new urban-inspired rustic red farmhouse. The batten structure on the red metal boards makes the farmhouse expansive, while the white trims and white garage doors help make the design pop even in the distance.

7. Earth Tone Ranch House


If you love the look of modern ranch houses and have an appreciation for the beauty of earth tones, then this could be your dream home. This design is all about balancing subtle creamy brown and gray.

The roof and siding both have battens, creating a continuous line illusion that goes perfectly well for a ranch house. Consider adding white trims for a polished look for homes with warm-colored exteriors.

8. Aesthetic Gray Siding


The rich gray siding blends seamlessly with the light-colored roof and stone walls, making it cohesive and inviting. The vertical board and batten siding are perfect for this house, especially since it’s a barn-style design. The deep pitch of the roofing could make the wall look larger. This style is just enough to illuminate the beautiful stonework without overpowering it.

9. Mid-Century Style


If you’re looking for a classy and modern look for your home’s exterior, we’ve got great news: metal board and batten siding are precisely the styles you’re after.

White metal boards with fine battens are perfect with dark-colored roofs and trims. The design is also ideal for multi-story residential houses with interconnected rooms with different exterior designs. This mid-century style adds texture and depth to the exterior of your property.

10. Commercial Black Buildings


You can also use board and batten siding for commercial buildings. It’s cheaper than you think, and it will give your building the grandeur it deserves. Black metal board and batten siding could help your house stand out in your neighborhood. And by increasing your curb appeal, the resale value of your home will increase as well.

11. Gables and Exterior Panels


This house design has a unique duality: it’s both grainy and clean looking at the same time. So if you want to add some texture to your home, you need to play with the color and grain of your panel boards, specifically the wood grain and texture on these panel boards that go well with siding gables.

Try separating the walls and the gables when using board and batten siding. The gable provides extra construction space, making it simple to add floors to a sloped structure.

12. Accented Exterior Design


This house has the perfect balance of accented exterior panels and roof structure to make each house’s features stand out. You can also add black trim around your windows and doors to add visual interest. The rustic accent exterior boards are attention-grabbing even from a distance.

13. Vertical and Horizontal Siding


Metal Board and batten sidings can be installed horizontally, vertically, or both. You can easily create a barn house look with this combined siding style. Vertically and horizontally aligned metal boards and batten siding create an urban look that makes your house look expansive.

And with that, we conclude our blog about 13 metal board and batten siding ideas. Hopefully, these designs have given you a little inspiration for your next home project.

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