If you want to transform your house into a farmhouse, you don’t need to renovate the whole thing. All you need is some wallpaper to get you going.

That’s right. Wallpaper can make all the difference when it comes to transforming your house from a stereotypical one to a farmhouse style in the blink of an eye.

You might think that farmhouse wallpapers are only limited to wood designs and rustic patterns. You might also be thinking that your wallpaper can’t be both loud and bold or subtle and simple. You might think a lot of things about farmhouse wallpaper, but we’re here today to change all that.

We’ve compiled 13 of our favorite farmhouse wallpaper designs below, so check them out, get inspired, and get decorating!

1. 80’s Inspired Funky Red Wallpaper

source: sherwin-williams.com

You have your farmhouse all set up, but it is still missing one thing: an accent wall. You should always have at least one statement wall in any room as a rule of thumb. Choose a vibrant red wallpaper with playful designs to elevate your interior.

2. Contemporary White Brick Tile Wallpaper

source: sherwin-williams.com 

Add a sense of sophisticated charm to your home with this white brick tile wallpaper, perfect for people who want to have a minimalist farmhouse-style interior design. This farmhouse wallpaper has a simple, stylish, and cozy feel.

Comfy and welcoming, contemporary white brick wallpapers will bring a savvy charm to your home. The tile brick design is an aesthetic detail with a timeless appeal well-appointed in various decor styles, from country chic to modern loft.

3. Tropical Leaves Wallpaper

source: wallpaperdirect.com 

Try hanging tropical leaves wallpaper in your modern or retro-themed homes for a relaxed take on farmhouse style. This tropical style celebrates the outdoors and a laid-back way of life with lush greenery and soothing natural green color.

Whether you live on an island or not, your home will feel like paradise with this breezy style. This green wallpaper will lend fresh and organic energy to your space. Its tropical yet straightforward design is perfect for any type of home.

4. Wallpaper With Faded Fern Design

source: wallpaperdirect.com 

Fern leaves wallpaper is a charming, illustrative botanical option that is sure to bring an extra dose of freshness to your farmhouse interiors. The tiny ferns are tightly packed together, and the curling green forms offset against a soft white backdrop.

5. Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

source: wallpaperdirect.com 

This farmhouse wallpaper design will make your home feel extra cozy. The creamy color of the wallpaper designed with birds, leaves, and twigs makes you feel closer to nature even if you’re inside the house. Simple nature-inspired wallpapers are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

6. Pine Trees Wallpaper

source: wallpaperdirect.com 

The trees printed on the wall will give you a breath of fresh air every morning as you wake up. This modern farmhouse design provides a traditional tree wallpaper with an exquisite appearance. The trees in green shades with a creamy white backdrop give this classic design a glamorous finish.

7. Faded Leave-less Birch Tree Wallpaper

source: wallpaperdirect.com 

Birch tree branches wallpaper has an earthy woodsy appeal you love. For a cozy farmhouse interior, you might want to try this modern wallpaper design printed with leave-less birch trees.

The trees overlap to create an earthen, woodsy farmhouse design that makes an eye-catching feature wall in your farmhouse. The wallpaper is inspired by faded birch trees with subtle textures that give a timeless feel.

8. Farm-Inspired Countryside Wallpaper

This design features animals outlined in white ink against a brownish background. It has a natural feel that fits right in with the farmhouse vibe. The animal herd wallpaper perfectly defines what traditional farmhouse style is all about.

9. Cotton Grass Wallpaper

source: miltonandking.com 

This wallpaper is the dreamiest of all dreams—it has the perfect balance of modern and traditional design elements. The design shows the plant’s delicacy in this farmhouse wallpaper pattern to create something genuinely unique farmhouse wallpaper in vintage toned-down hues contrasting the zig-zag pattern.

There’s nothing more idyllic than a meadow full of cotton grass swaying in the wind. This farmhouse wallpaper would be ideal for any room of your home, but we think it pairs best with a sunroom or breakfast nook.

10. Cross-Weaving Style Wallpaper

Farmhouse wallpapers don’t need to be overly vintage. If you want your wallpaper design to look modern and contemporary, go for one that has simple colors and patterns. It’s simple, minimalist, and features a cross-weaving pattern that creates a visually textured diamond pattern.

This modern farmhouse wallpaper will add a timeless, elegant feel to any interior. The cross-weaving wallpaper is ideal in bedrooms and indoor spaces with many plants.

11. Pale Chevron-Like Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a modern, stylish wallpaper design that you can use to decorate your farmhouse, this faded chevron-like print is a great option. The pattern has an interesting texture and will add depth to any room.

This modern print is simple and chic and will never go out of style. The grayish pattern set against a white backdrop is perfect for a neutral and minimal interior.

12. Nature-Inspired Mid-Century Wallpaper

With nature-inspired wallpaper, you can bring the moody beauty of the forest to your home. This barn-like wallpaper is a great way to add a pop of color to your home without overwhelming any space. With its graceful nickel gray and metallic blue palette paired with forest animals and botanical print, it’s no wonder this vintage-style wallpaper will stun in any space!

This beautiful wallpaper brings the moody beauty of the forest to your farmhouse. It’s an easy way to get some warmth into our bedroom and make it feel like a cozy cabin.

13. Pale Orange Floral Wallpaper

Bring the gentle elegance of nature to your walls with this floral wallpaper. Large Gumamela flowers outlined in pale orange overlap with one another against a creamy white backdrop, bringing airy elegance to your farmhouse.

Well, we’ve come to the end of this article. We hope you find these inspirations helpful to transform your interior into a one-of-a-kind farmhouse-style home with any of these beautiful wallpapers.

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