You might be surprised by how much the color of your gutter system can impact the curb appeal of your home.

Many homeowners choose a gutter color that matches the color of their home’s exterior; however, there is a lot of design potential to be found in these otherwise innocuous fixtures if you try a bolder color like black.

I’ve compiled several home design ideas examples showcasing how you can use black gutters on your white home exterior. When you’re considering your next remodeling project, I would recommend trying one of the following — you might be surprised how much attention your home’s new remodeled facade will get.


Sleek and Simple

I love this first example, which showcases black gutters on an all-white beachfront-style home. Because of the relatively low thickness of the roof trim, the gutters are also relatively thin.

However, the contrast of having a black-on-white color scheme makes the black gutters stand out from the white siding very well. The gutters along the roofs on both levels, along with its drainage pipes produce a striking outline along the home’s upper edges, highlighting the unique roofline.


Bold Outlines 

This traditional home is another great design idea that I love. It showcases black gutters in action with bold lines that trace the edges of the roof and continue down to ground level. 

The bold contrast of the black gutter on the white exterior also draws the eyes toward the gutters. This emphasizes the home’s outlines and shape and makes it stand out from nearby properties, especially when viewed from a distance. 


Black Roof and Gutters

This small but stately poolside house makes use of a bold black roof and matching gutters set against the flat white paint on the exterior. While the contrast is already pretty effective on its own, the house also has the front door and lighting fixtures done up in black.

The result is a chic modern look that manages to be sharp and classy house design but also relatively easy on the eyes. This is a great example of how you can use black as an accent color in your home.


Three-Tone Palette

Although two-tone color schemes will continue to remain popular, there is no denying that adding a third color to the palette provides a huge boost to a home’s exterior design. I think that using three paint colors instead of two is a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal.

I chose this home as a design idea example because it incorporates wood to emphasize certain elements and sections of the house on top of the existing black and white color scheme.

Here, the black roof and gutters serve an additional role of cementing the base colors of the palette, allowing the brown of the wood to stand out as the accent of the design. 


Outlines on a Light Palette

This colonial-style home features a very light and cool color palette of white exterior paint and masonry that is paired with cyan siding on the upper floor of the house. The black gutters aren’t as noticeable as in previous examples.

The subtlety here is the desired effect — the gutters’ low-profile and the home’s color palette creates an appealing contrast.


Black Gutters with Brown Clay Tiles

Although the black and white color scheme is most commonly used on modern home exterior designs nowadays, having black gutters on a white house is not that rare in more traditional looks.

This home uses a lot of stone in its exterior work, from the masonry on the walls to the brown tiles on the roof. Here, both black and white serve as relatively subtle accent colors. This color combination ties the two earth tones together without clashing. 


Black Gutters with Brown Shingles

This last home has what is the most subtle application of black roof gutters among all of the examples in this article. This is an example of how black gutters can be effectively used as an accent color, as the roof color and facade are both brown.

With that said, the black accents have a subtle but significant effect on the feel of the overall design. They lend more visual weight to the relatively light brown of the roof trim. This allows the accents to better contrast against the rest of the wood used throughout the house’s exterior.  

Why Choose a Black Roof Gutter?

As we have seen from the examples above, the color of the roof gutters that you install can have a pretty noticeable effect on the overall look of the home. I’ve listed a few ways that black roof gutters can enhance the look of your home and why you should consider this color scheme for your next home renovation:

  • Bold contrast: This should likely go without saying, but black is the boldest contrasting color that you can have on any color palette — especially when paired with white. Even when black is worked into a pallet with weighty, dark colors like brown and green, black still manages to stand out. 
  • Pairs with anything: Unlike other contrasting colors, black also happens to be perfectly neutral, which means that you can pair it with just about any color and the combination will still look at least passable. Moreover, having black also removes the need to worry about color matching.

For the above reasons, black roof gutters are a great way to boost the curb appeal of your home, no matter what your particular exterior design style is.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adding Black Gutters to a White Home

Will black gutters look good with a white exterior?

When done correctly, black gutters can provide a sharp, modern contrast against a white exterior, especially if you are making this design choice to modernize a home. However, it’s a bold look that some may find too harsh. I recommend getting color samples to determine if you like this look for your home.

Do black gutters get hotter in direct sunlight?

Yes, darker colored gutters will absorb more heat from the sun’s rays compared to lighter colors like white or tan. This could cause some expansion or contraction issues, though quality seamless gutters can account for this. Having black gutters in colder climates can also be a benefit, as they can prevent ice from building up in the gutters and downspouts.

How do black gutters impact curb appeal and home reseal value?

To some extent, this is a matter of taste, but if you are upgrading and improving your house’s drainage system to add black gutters to your home’s exterior, it can be a good benefit. Many people like the crip and clean-lined look that black gutters can create on a white exterior. Others may find the look too bold.

Should I check with my homeowners' association before installing black gutters?

I always recommend checking regulations in your area before doing any kind of exterior home improvement.

Do black gutters fade or chalk over time?

Quality baked enamel black gutter finishes from reputable manufacturers should have good UV resistance and color fastness. But like any darker color, some fading or chalking is possible over many years of sun exposure.

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