Board and batten siding is a classic look that never goes out of style. If you’re considering adding this type of siding to your home, the first step is choosing the right color. Here are 26 shades to choose from, ranging from light neutrals to dark hues. Which one is perfect for your home?

1. Clay Ash Board and Brown-Grey Batten Siding


Are you looking to add a touch of natural color to your home? We know you will find the perfect look for your home with many options. The Clay Ash board color in the image above is a beautiful light brown with a hexadecimal color code of #BCCAB9 and RGB values of R:188, G:202, and B:185.

However, the batten color is a mix of gray and brown with Hexadecimal color #6e6b62 and has RGB values of R:110, G:107, and B:98.

2.  All White


All white-painted board and batten siding offer a beautiful, classic look for your home exterior. The white-painted board and batten siding colors are perfect for those who want a traditional style with a modern edge. All White is also a great choice if you’re going to add some extra insulation to your home.

With high-quality materials and construction, you can ensure that your home will look great and stay protected for years to come. 

3. One Shade of Very Dark Grey


This very dark grey board and batten siding are perfect for a modern look. The color is a medium-dark cyan-blue in hexadecimal color #444b51, and it will give your home a sleek, professional appearance. It comprises 26.67% red, 29.41% green, and 31.76% blue in the RGB color model. 

4. Pratt & Lambert Randolph Blue-Gray CW616


Randolph Blue-Gray CW616 is a light blue-gray color with a subtle green undertone. This color has been tested and confirmed to withstand weathering and fading, making it an excellent choice for homes in any climate. It is perfect for board and batten siding and other exterior trim applications. 

5. Very Dark Greyish Yellow


Our Very Dark Greyish Yellow Board and Batten Siding is the perfect color for a ranch-style home. The natural wood look will give your house a rustic, timeless feel that will never go out of style. Our siding is high-quality that will last for years, so you can rest easy knowing your home is well protected. Give your house the perfect finishing touch with our Very Dark Greyish Yellow Board and Batten Siding!

6. Cream Matcha Inspired


This cream matcha color siding is soft, dirty white, and pastel green scale combinations. The green exterior at the bottom left matches wonderfully with dark brown and red stone bricks. Dark gray roof contrasts the light green and cream facade. White trimmings are also visible to cover the gaps for a smoother transition from one color to another.

7. Very Light Brown Hex Color #c0a894


The color very light brown hex #c0a894 board and batten siding colors are the colors on the second-floor facade of this gambrel-roofed house with the board and batten siding. This color is perfect for anyone who wants a natural look for their home. Board and batten siding is a great way to add some texture to your home, and this light brown color will help brighten up any space.

8. Rustic Red Color


Rustic Red Board and Batten Siding colors are the perfect way to add some character to your home. The barn house style is a popular look right now, and this siding can help you achieve it. If used with a lighter color like in the image, it contrasts immensely against white trims. No matter your style, Rustic Red Board and Batten Siding colors will make your home look unique.

9. Classic Natural Color


This classic natural color is within light to medium gray schemes from board and batten sidings, shutters, and roofing. It gives the sense of a traditional and classy, not too shabby exterior. To add a touch of natural accent is a brown-colored brick wall. Soft palettes like these create a cozy and welcoming vibe to your home.

10. Taupe Color Palette


The taupe color scheme perfectly balances the warmth of your home with an elegant, excellent effect. It’s easy on the eyes and aesthetically pleasing- what more could you want? The beautiful combination in this mixture between medium shades like rose or deep contrasting grays makes it perfect for any space! The taupe color scheme of the siding is an excellent match for this stone wall entrance.

It blends in seamlessly and doesn’t stand out as much, which goes nicely with the hues of the stone wall entrance and the brownish shades of the exterior!

11. Beige Board and Batten


Today, give your home the perfect finishing touch with our beige board and batten siding color! The beige board and batten siding color are an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of professionalism to their home.

The white trimming against the red bricks pops, and the light brown other exterior sidings can tie nicely with various colors. Board and batten siding is also more durable than different types, so you can be sure that this color will stay beautiful for years to come. We highly recommend this product for those looking for an updated look.

12. Gray Monochrome


This light grey board and batten siding have hexadecimal color code #c5c4c9, a light shade of blue-magenta. In the RGB color model #c5c4c9 is comprised of 77.25% red, 76.86% green and 78.82% blue. This variation in tone and hue creates a sense of depth, further enhanced by the light grey board and batten at the side exterior.

13. A Shade of Orange


A shade of orange board and batten siding is a beautiful way to add color to your home. The brick design with board and batten in a shade of orange pops against the lighter nude tones, making it a statement piece. Add some personality to your home with a shade of orange board and batten siding.

14. Classic Modern White and Gray Colors


The gray and white color exhibits elegance and a combination of classic and modern styles. Gray and white combined will give off class to your exterior. The grayscale stonewalls and traditional white wooden siding are timeless colors and never go out of trend; thus, your exterior is versatile for any landscapes you wish to do.

15. Soft Ocean Blue and White Color


Overall, it has a palette of cool colors. A soft blue dominates the exterior, and a white board and batten accent added details to the blue grayscale stonewall and white trimmings, window panes, and pillars. A shade of royal blue colored the roofings, still keeping its pastel finish. Cool colors have a calm, soothing, and relaxing feel to them.

16. Sand Dune


This color scheme aims for a classic and vintage look for the exterior. Two warm and cool colors match one another. The redwood red and dune, two parts of different accents, divide the two-tone body—a modern touch to the classic and rustic style. Birdseye maple color is used for the window and horizontal trimming in the middle of the divide, making a clean partition. The roofings are coffee brown.

17. Cream Colored Hex Color #FCEDC6 Board and Batten Sidings


Cream-colored exterior with hex color #fcedc6produce a pleasant atmosphere and is ideal in any setting. The warm and complementary color of medium to a light brown stone wall adds personality to the finish. White trimmings balance out the elements and create a cozy and straightforward style.

18. Light Brown Earth Tone Hex Color #847d77


An exciting mix of light brown earth tones of hex color #847d77 for the sidings,  lighter-hued trimmings, and gray colors for roofings creates a neutral yet calming impression. Harmoniously combined into one, the hues are exquisitely balanced. The darkened cream tone trimming complements the gray colors of the board and batten siding. The darker shade of gray roofings tops the overall exterior of the design.

19. Egyptian Blue


The Egyptian blue board and batten siding color is a bold, beautiful shade of blue that will make your home exterior stand out. The deep, vibrant colors are perfect for adding excitement to your home without being overpowering. White window trimmings, columns, and doors create a striking contrast against the blue background and add a touch of elegance. You’ll love how this color makes your home look!

20. Very Light Shade of Yellow


This very light shade of yellow board and batten siding color is the perfect addition to your home exterior design. With a hexadecimal color code of #efeedc, this color will brighten your home with its natural-looking hue. In the RGB color model, this light shade of yellow has a red value of 93.73%, a green value of 93.33%, and a blue value of 86.27%.

Create a beautiful contrast against your brick exterior with this very light shade of yellow board and batten siding color!

21. Light Shade of Grey

Source: Source:

This brick house design with a light shade of grey board and batten siding colors will add character to your home! The light shade of grey board and batten siding color on this brick house has a stark contrast to the stones.

The very light shade of grey has a hex color of #babbb3, a medium-light shade of yellow-green in the hexadecimal color system. #babbb3 is from a color mix of 72.94 percent red, 73.33 percent green, and 70.2 percent blue in the RGB color model.

22. Powder Blue


Powder blue board and batten siding color is a beautiful, classic color that will give your farmhouse design a touch of elegance. The blue color is ideal for those who want a timeless look for their home. The white trim and black roofing will contrast perfectly against the blue, making your house stand out from the rest.

Board and batten siding provides extra insulation and protection from the weather, making it a wise investment for any homeowner. Choose powder blue to create a beautiful, stylish home that will last through the years.

23. Light Shade of Orange


The light shade of orange board and batten color is a great way to add brightness to your home. This color is perfect for those who want a subtle orange hue without going too bright. The hexadecimal color code #f4dfcf is a light shade of orange that will complement most homes. In the RGB color model, this color is a color mixture of 95.69% red, 87.45% green, and 81.18% blue.

So whether you’re looking to add just a touch of color or want to update your entire home, this light shade of orange board and batten color is a perfect choice!

24. Light Grey With Hex Color #c1c1c3 


The Light Grey With Hex Color #c1c1c3 combination is perfect for a modern and stylish home. The light gray and cream colors are easy on the eyes, creating a calming ambiance around your home. This kind of light grey has a blue-magenta hue in hexadecimal, #c1c1c3, which is 75.69 percent red, 75.69 percent green, and 76.47 percent blue RGB color model, making it a one-of-a-kind but beautiful choice for your home.

This product ensures a high-quality look that will last for years. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to update your home’s exterior! Request a free estimate today.

25. Bold in All Black


Are you looking for a way to make your home stand out? A black exterior is a great way to do just that. It’s bold, unique, and sure to turn heads. Plus, as black is a neutral tone, it’s versatile and can easily be paired with any other color.

Wooden elements on a black house give an accent rather than just being a plain black exterior. So if you’re looking for something different, why not consider a black house? You won’t regret it!

26. Uniform Light Grey


Grey is a timeless option among any colors, it is light, easy, and can stand out just by itself. Pure and simple, it is the safest option if you are aiming for a bright modern look. White paint, probably more than any other color, has the ability to subtly establish the tone for the look you are aiming for your exterior.

The color white is naturally heat resistant as it reflects light which stops its conversion into heat, a perfect choice for the blazing summer!

Do you have a favorite color? I know I do, and it’s probably one of the colors on this list. Whether you’re looking to add some new life to your home or just considering a remodel, we hope that this board and batten siding colors guide has helped narrow down your choices.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below. We always love hearing from our readers!

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